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An interesting book I have found useful in my sales efforts is Neil Rackam's Spin Selling. In the book he outlines what questions to ask when to move prospects all the way through the buying process. If you ask the wrong questions at the wrong stage the interaction will often stall. On the other hand if you ask the right questions at the right time, you will often find the prospect quickly becomes eagerly interested in your product and excited to buy.

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Recently I was reviewing some online advertising for some of my clients and I realized maybe I have been doing things inefficiently. In all of my campaigns I have been selecting the cost per click payment method but never really looked at the cost per impression method. In this article I'll be reviewing the advertising I have been doing on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Linkedin Ads to see if I have chosen the most efficient payment method or if going forward I should be selecting the cost per impression model. As an extra bonus at the end of the article I also include a free guide on the top 3 things that will improve your online advertising ROI and point #2 is something that no advertising agency will to you.

Are you interested in using digital marketing methods such as SEO and Email marketing? Profitworks provides marketing services specializing in search engine optimization and website conversion optimization services. We Work. You Profit. Contact us today!