Why Improving Your Website Conversion Rate Optimization Is Important

This may seem like a no-brainer, right? Improving your website conversion rate means more people are taking actions that you would want them to take. This could mean an increase in email addresses provided, leads for sales or even direct sales from the website. Overall improving your website’s conversion rate can only mean good things for your business, but the few direct results seen above are just the end means of the process. There are plenty of reasons why a website’s conversion rate is important and that’s why it’s incredibly important to constantly optimize your website’s ability to convert.

This article will run through four of the main reasons why conversion rate optimization is so important which will show you why you should consider it today! If you're unfamiliar with the term conversion rate you can find the definition further down in the bottom of the article. If you’re interested in having us improve your website conversion rate optimization email us with “Website Conversion Rate Optimization” as the subject line. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


 Conversion Rate


Executive Summary

 - No website is perfect. Even those with a high conversion rate can improve their conversion rates with testing

 - Improving your website conversion rate optimization is incredibly cost-effective

 - It can give you a distinct advantage over your competition

 - It ultimately increases your profits and gives you financial flexibility


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1.No Website Is Perfect

No matter how well designed your website is there are always things which can be improved on. Your conversion rate may be fairly high, but wouldn’t you prefer even more conversions? I don’t know anyone who would say no to that question because in the world of conversions there’s no such thing as too much. Website conversion rate optimization can help to make the conversion process even easier on people who are visiting your website which will lead to positive results for you and your business.


2. It’s An Incredibly Effective Use Of Your Time And Resources


Lots of companies enjoy the idea of using paid advertising to attract potential customers to their website, but that could be a mistake for two reasons. First off, paid advertising is costly and incredibly competitive. Second, paying for paid advertising is a waste of money if your website conversion rate is low. As the picture above illustrates, getting traffic to your web page is only half of the task. What you’ll end up without a high conversion rate is a high level of traffic to your website, which you’re paying for, which only results in a low level of conversions. Website conversion rate optimization is cost effective and can greatly improve your level of conversions, whereas these costly ads may only increase traffic flow. Our suggestion would be to combine both search engine optimization (SEO) and Conversion Optimization together for optimal results which are also incredibly cost effective. To learn more about search engine optimization check out these articles:


"Our overall sales to new customers has improved as a result of detailed analysis, proposed solutions, and successful execution.

Tom (Business Owner & Customer)


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3. It Gives You An Advantage Over Competition

Business can really be a “winner take all” kind of world. Even the slightest advantage can mean going from the middle of the pack to the very top. For example, if a potential customer is looking over two websites and is trying to decide which to go with for a potential purchase having a good conversion rate could be the difference between making a sale or not. Now imagine that this happens 100 times a week. Would you rather have a 50/50 split with your competitor or would you prefer to take home 75% of potential sales? Potential customers tend to look through many websites before making a purchase so it’s important to make sure your site sticks out above the rest.


4. It Ultimately Increases Your Profits

ROI conversion 2

This is the main reason people decide to improve their website conversion rate optimization. As mentioned before having more conversions can lead to not only more leads or contact information, but it can ultimately lead to sales for your business. These may mean being able to increase your budget for other areas of marketing, or even increasing your inventory or having the financial ability to hire on extra workers. At the end of the day, this financial flexibility is what most business owners concern themselves with and improving your website conversion rate optimization can go a long way to achieving this goal.


Figuring out how you can improve your website's conversion rate optimization is well worth the time as the benefits can be monumental to your business. Not only will you see how an increased conversion rate leads directly to better results for your business, but you’ll begin to notice that these results tend to snowball and can place you far above the competition and will leave your customers feeling more satisfied with your services


What is Conversion Rate?

Some of you may have read through this entire article but are still asking yourself what conversion rate really means. It's actually a pretty simple concept that is important to understand if you want to see your online sales grow. The conversion rate is defined as the percentage of people who visit your website and take a certain action that you want them to take. This could be simply providing you with contact information or actually purchasing a product or service from you. An example of this would be if, for every 100 people who visit your website only one person completes an action you want them to take, you have a conversion rate of 1/100 or 1%. Finding ways to increase your conversion rate leads directly to higher numbers of positive actions being taken by potential customers.




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