Are you finding that your business's website is not driving the leads and sales that is should? Is your website failing to show up for the key search phrases that your customers are looking for? Are your competitor's websites continually outranking yours?

Are you just not sure what to do about it or even where to start?

These are common problems that business owners face when it comes to search engines. In today's market, if you are looking to grow revenue, solid search engine optimization of your company website is essential to success. Profitworks is here to help you solve these problems. At Profitworks we continually work with you to improve your marketing strategy. 


Local Search Engine Optimization Services

Our local SEO packages will help you get to the top of search engine results in your service area. Through cutting-edge strategy, we'll help you turn local leads into customers by creating a campaign that aligns with your business' goals. 

Our Local SEO Services include:

Why Is SEO Important?

  • SEO consistently ranks as the 2nd highest return on investment marketing channels, next only to referrals1
  • On average SEO generates an ROI of 275%2
  • 70% of the links users click on are organic not paid ads3
  • 70-80% of users don't look at the paid ads4
  • According to a case study done by Marketing Sherpa, "Overall content marketing strategy leads to 2,000% lift in blog traffic, 40% boost in revenue5
  • 75% of search engine users never scroll past the first page6


What You Will Find With Our SEO Services

Profitworks is composed of a hard working, diligent team of SEO experts whose passion is to help businesses become the leader in their market.

Our services are relationship based, with face to face interactions. We don't hide behind computers.

We are small enough to care about each and every one of our clients. At the same time, we are also big enough to have the resources and an entire team of specialized experts to able to successfully achieve significant results for our clients. 

We are hard working, transparent, diligent and have a strong passion for what we do.

At Profitworks, we are happy to focus on the following service areas with our SEO services:

  • SEO Services Canada
  • SEO Services USA
  • SEO Services Kitchener
  • SEO Services Waterloo
  • SEO Services Guelph
  • SEO Services Toronto