Grow Your Revenue Faster:

If you are desiring to grow the revenue for the business you own faster because your growth has slowed or your sales have even started declining, this is the website for you.


We are dedicated to providing search engine optimization services that significantly increase revenue growth rates for business owners with between $1 million and $25 million in revenue.


If you want to get more sales leads and win more new customers start by checking out our free marketing plan template


The Reason Profitworks Was Started:

To provide small to medium businesses with a marketing option that has the same end goal that you get a good return on investment from your marketing dollars. To learn more about why our company was started click here


Our Expertise:

Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Channel ROI Benchmarks, Marketing Plans


Why The Company Exists:

To provide marketing expertise and services that generate profits for our customers that are greater than our service fees. 


Where Do We Want To End Up:

To be the sales & marketing service provider that has the best integrity, customer satisfaction and understanding of marketing among marketing companies in Canada


Our Values: 

Treat all people as we would want to be treated, have fun at our work, compete to get better


How Our Customers Describe Us: 

Passion for what we do, resourceful, respectful of customers and competitors and quick


Our Team: 

Our team consists of a Marketing Strategist, Traffic & Web Technology Expert, Conversion Expert, Writer, Editor and Graphic Designer


Learn More: 

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As part of all of Profitworks services we tell clients up front what we expect the ROI to be, we analyze the results of the activities, share what has been learned and report back on the actual ROI from the work completed. Our goal is your goal, to achieve a good return on investment for your marketing spending. If you are interested in receiving free sales & marketing ROI insights enter your email in the box below.


Since we track and record the results of marketing programs for all our clients we have a great database on what typically works and what usually does not work. We share bits and pieces of this information in our blog and on our podcast. If you are interested in receiving free sales & marketing ROI insights enter your email in the box below.



Become The Leader In Your Market


Are you tired of spending money on marketing and not seeing a positive ROI?  If this sounds like you and you are a small to medium sized business owner in Waterloo Region, you have a great opportunity with us. 


Profitworks Small Business Services provides website traffic and conversion optimization services which increase the number of sales leads generated from a website. Our focus is on providing a good ROI for our customers. Our goal is to provide complete transparency to marketing spending ROI to our clients. To learn more about Profitworks services click here


In addition to website marketing services we also provide marketing plan services and free marketing and sales resources to help small businesses grow. 


Profitworks is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and services the surrounding cities of Kitchener, Guelph and Cambridge.