We Focus On Your Sales Results

If you are entrusting your marketing dollars to us, you can be assured that you will see an impact on your sales results. We know that if you see sales results you will be satisfied and will want to work with us. If you want to work with us long term the relationship will be a win-win. At Profitworks we focus on measuring one for the success of our services, driving strong revenue growth for our clients. We make it a regular practice to talk about your sales growth and make that the primary thing we are concerned about. We not only talk about it, but we will give you a realistic forecast, track it and regularly update you on how your marketing spend is performing. 

We Set Our Sights On Making Our Customers The Leaders In Their Market

At Profitworks we set our sights high. Not only will we do everything we can to make your business more successful, but we strive to make it the leader in your market. And we believe that we can make that happen by being hardworking diligent and passionate about what we do. We will work closely with you, one on one, to make sure that you will rise to the top.

We Specialize In SEO Expertise

If you don't know how to do SEO, or you don't have the time to do it or learn how to, let us help. At Profitworks we are a team of search engine optimization (SEO) experts. We specialize in making our clients' websites climb to the top of the Google rankings. Our team is constantly researching and keeping current with the latest changes and updates which affect SEO rankings so that we can ensure that we are always offering our clients the best results possible.

We Approach Things From A Marketing & Business Strategy Framework

Our approach at Profitworks is to look at your company from a marketing and business strategy framework. We will take the time to familiarize ourselves with your unique business and develop a strategy geared to your particular needs and goals. Then we will put that plan into action and diligently follow through in order to make you the leader in your market. If you don't have the time to do marketing let the experts at Profitworks do it for you.

We Are Powered By State Of The Art Technologies

At Profitworks we use state of the art technologies to help you become the leader in your market. Our SEO experts employ the latest analytical and tools from Google and other sources such as Search Console, Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, and Inspectlet to research, track, and optimize your SEO rankings, click through rates, and contact form fills.

We Work For Family-Owned Businesses

Profitworks is a family owned business that works for family owned businesses. We understand the unique challenges and benefits of this type of business and know how to deal with them as well as make the most of them. We take a personal approach with our clients, so we are willing to meet with you face to face or over the phone. You won't find us hiding behind our computers or our emails.

We are environmentally friendly. (feature stats like electricity, mileage, and paper saved through our digital team)

Profitworks is committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible. Each member of our team works from home; our digital team.

Why We Are In This Business?

Before starting Profitworks, our founder worked in marketing for a large consumer packaged goods company which sold products around the world. His job was to create marketing plans for certain brands of their products and allocate the allowable marketing dollars to carry out the initiatives. He was, however, required to only work with the company's marketing agency of record.

He soon discovered that even though this marketing agency had a team of very talented designers, website programmers and partnering specialists that were able to create attractive promotional materials, flashy websites and bring in big name companies for co-sponsorship, they really didn't understand how to market a product in order to grow sales. At the end of each campaign, he would receive a report with unhelpful statistics like the number of people who sampled the product, website impressions, or TV reach; however, none of these numbers actually told him how many purchases people made because of the advertising or how many new customers the company got because of it. He quickly realized that spending all of those marketing dollars and never knowing if they were doing anything to help drive the company's business was more like gambling than wise investing.

He realized that there was a real need for a sales and marketing company that would actually talk about your return on investment (ROI). And not only talk about it, but give companies a realistic ROI, track their ROI and report it back to them. This is where the idea for Profitworks came from.

Why We Believe In The Work We Do?

At Profitworks we believe that it is vital for customers to know up front what their ROI will be. We want our clients to know how that their marketing dollars are making a difference to drive their sales forward and to bring them new customers. That is why we analyze the results of the services that we perform, share what we have learned, and report back on the ROI.

Why We Are Excited About And Love Doing The Work We Do?

You will find that each member of our team is passionate about what they do; and they can see the value of doing it. That is because we all can clearly see the results of our efforts and are excited when we our customers get impressive ROI's. Helping your business become the leader in your market is our goal at Profitworks, and knowing that we have been a part of making that happen brings each one of us great satisfaction.