Facebook Doomed? Facebook Ads Found Not To Be Profitable For Business To Business Focused Companies

Just last week I saw a news headline that caught my attention. It was titled "Facebook Doomed? Forrester Says Ads Tell a Sad Story". The data in the article matches that of our own data on the ROI of advertising on Facebook. Click on this article to see exactly how bad the ROI (return on investment) is when advertising on Facebook.


Is Facebook Doomed?


Are Ads On Google (Google Adwords Ads) An Effective And Profitable Marketing Method?

Last night I was checking my news (I love to read about businesses and business type stuff) and came across an article on study conducted by Ebay. The title read "Ebay's Study Questions Value Of Google's Main Ad Service". The study has some interesting results and got me to thinking that I should conduct my own review to let other small business owners know if Google is a good choice for marketing a small business. Since at Profitworks we conduct many different marketing campaigns for many different clients I have access to google adwords return on investment data that will help answer this question for small business owners.

Google Adwords - Does It Have A Positive ROI?

Cost Per Click vs Cost Per Impression

Recently I was reviewing some online advertising for some of my clients and I realized maybe I have been doing things inefficiently. In all of my campaigns I have been selecting the cost per click payment method but never really looked at the cost per impression method. In this article I review the advertising I have been doing on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Linkedin Ads to see if I have chosen the most efficient payment method or if going forward I should be selecting the cost per impression model.

Effective Facebook Advertising Tips

In this article I share some effective facebook advertising tips that have worked for my clients, with small budgets as small as $100. Facebook is now the most visited site on the web and it allows for pin point targeting given all the information Facebook has on its users. Since facebook can be so targeted and you only pay for clicks, not the amount of times your ads are shown, it can be a very low cost way to get many advertising impressions. Given these factors there is great opportunity to use facebook to propel your business and attract new customers.

Google Advertising Not Working? Try Negative Keywords

About a month ago I discovered something that transformed the performance of my advertising campaigns.....negative keywords. This article titled "Google Advertising In Waterloo Not Working? Try Negative Keywords" explains everything I have learned about negative keywords so far.