Creating an online presence for your business is an incredible way to generate loyal customers while also marketing your services towards new ones. Social media for home renovation businesses can seem complicated, but we've created this how-to guide to help you demystify the world of social media and develop a community around your brand. 

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Social Media for Home Renovation Business: Your How-To-Guide

1. Create Social Profile(s).

The first step in launching your social media strategy for your home renovation business is to select and create your social profile(s). When deciding where to invest your time, it's important to consider where the majority of your target audience or current customers are spending their time online. For example, Pinterest and Instagram are two fantastic places to provide visual inspiration to followers, showcasing your work in the renovation business. On the other hand, Twitter is a very text-heavy platform that may not be the best fit for storing images and connecting with customers on a personal level. 

Almonte uses their Facebook Page to showcase their work to current and future customers as well as giving them a behind-the-scenes look at their projects.

Almonte, a Canadian Home Renovation company, has chosen Facebook as one of their social platforms to engage with customers. Facebook is a fantastic tool for all businesses, offering specialized business pages that allow customers to submit reviews, learn more about your business, and even reach out to you directly. What's more, Facebook pages are also a great place to share all types of content that's relevant to your business, whether you choose to share images of your projects, blog articles of interest to followers, or simply say "Merry Christmas" to your customers during the holidays.

In addition to Facebook's versatility for businesses, it also comes with access to Facebook Advertising, a powerful way to intentionally target an audience with relevant content. Facebook Advertising is an extremely effective way to meet your business' objectives online, whether gaining more likes on your Facebook page, driving traffic to your website, or increasing conversions. Companies like Relevantly specialize in helping small businesses make the most of Facebook advertising dollars with expert targeting and ad generation. 

2. Use Content to Create a Community.

The next step in creating an online community is to share content that will engage, inspire, and educate your customers about your business! When it comes to creating unique content, the options for your business are truly endless. From before and after images of major projects, to updates on your latest demolition, to a generous giveaway, there are a number of posts you can share that offer value to your followers while also developing ties to your brand.

The Restoring House showcases personal work on their Instagram page to bring followers along on their journey.

The Restoring House page on Instagram follows the journey of a family with a home renovation business as they purchase and flip houses. By sharing inspiring before and after images, the page has grown to more than 4,000 followers who frequently comment and like each image posted. Choosing to take a simple before and after picture of your project can lead to an endless stream of content and an online community that relies on your posts for their daily inspiration!

3. Offer Customer Service.

One of the best uses of social media for your business is to provide better customer service to your followers. Pre-social media and e-commerce, many consumers would spend time researching products or services on the internet and many of their questions would go un-answered until engaging with the business in person. Today, this is no longer the case—consumers don't just want to find the information they're looking for on the web, they also expect immediate customer service to be available to them through social media or website chatbots.

Facebook Messenger is an incredible way to engage with customer questions and concerns quickly.

Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages are fantastic tools to provide the level of instant customer service that your business is looking for. Questions come through in real time and notifications are sent directly to your account, letting you know that a customer is interested in chatting with you. By taking advantage of this feature and responding in a timely manner, you are much more likely to turn the prospect into a sale. Not only will they recognize the quality of your customer service, but you will also provide the information they need to reach the end of their decision-making process.

4. Encourage Customer Reviews.

Similarly to customer service, social media is also a great way to generate customer loyalty by having the opportunity to encourage customer reviews. Customer reviews are a great way to strengthen ties between your brand and happy customers while also showing future customers that you offer reliable, quality services. 

Encourage and respond to customer reviews on social media. This shows prospective customers that you offer great services, but also that you care about what customers have to say.

Whitecrest Custom Home Renovations uses a business Facebook page to showcase their 5-star rating for home renovation services. For customers looking for similar services in their area, finding a brand with a 5-star rating and glowing reviews helps narrow down the options in the decision-making process. After completing a project for a client, make an effort to send a nice note requesting their review. Not only will this benefit your brand, but giving the client a chance to reflect on their positive experience will strengthen their ties to you, too!

Building a Better Brand 

Now that you have some of the tips and tricks required to build a loyal social media following, we hope you feel ready to start building a memorable brand online! Are you looking for more support in getting your social media strategy off the ground? Our team of marketing experts can help. Contact us to find out how we can support you in growing awareness of your brand online today.