Largest Employers in Toronto Area

Toronto's largest employers include CIBC, Scotiabank, Magna International, Rogers, BMO, Bell, TD, Toronto School Board District, Deloitte, Hudson's Bay. Find out who else is on the list.

Based on some research conducted on the number of available LinkedIn profiles, here is a list of the top 20 largest employers in Toronto as of  February 2018.

This list estimates the number of residents from Toronto and surrounding area that each company employs. These numbers exclude international employees.

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The best place to start a sales outreach campaign is to know who are the largest employers. These are the top companies to conduct business development towards since they will tend to have larger spends for different services.

1. CIBC = 15,000

2. Scotiabank = 14,400

3. Magna International = 11,500

4. Rogers = 10,000

5. Bank of Montreal = 9,000 

6. Bell Canada = 7,900

7. TD Bank = 6,100

8. Toronto School Board District = 5,500

9. Deloitte  = 4,000

10. Hudson's Bay Company = 4,100

11. Telus = 4, 000

12. Air Canada = 3,100

13. Toronto Transit Commission =  2,500

14. Bombardier Inc. = 2,030


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15. Royal Bank of Canada = 1, 700

16. EY = 1,700

17. CGI = 1,700

18. Maple Leaf Foods = 1,300

19. PwC = 1,300

20. The Coca Cola Company =  1, 100 


If you are a small business and want to capture some big companies as customers, try any of the companies above. Having large companies as customers comes with both great rewards and also great risks.

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