Tangerine Referral Program The Best Ever - How To Get $50 Free For You And Your Friends

Tangerine is a smart company. I am a Tangerine customer and recently I got an email about a referral program they are running, which I think might be the best referral program ever, or at least the best referral program I have ever seen. The great part is that even you reading this article can benefit from this program. Take just the 5 minutes it will take to read this article and you will be able to get a FREE $50.00, in addition to getting a great idea you can use to get more customers for your business.

Tangerine Referral Program Offer

The purpose of this article is twofold. One to give you ideas for how you could create a similar referral program for your business to generate new customers and two, to allow you to get a FREE $50.00.


How To Get A Free $50.00 In 5 Easy Steps - Tangerine Referral Program

1. Signup for an Tangerin Account at https://www.tangerine.ca/app/#/enroll?locale=en_CA

2. Select to sign up with the app by selecting "Switch to the App" or click "Get Started" to do it from your desktop. 

3. Fill in your email address and create a 6 digit banking pin

3. Fill in the form and enter the Orange Key 26739677S1 in the box provided before pressing the next button.

4. Follow the instructions to set up your account and deposit your first $250.00 into the account to get started and qualify for the offer.

5. Add additional funds to the account to earn interest or withdraw the $300.00 ($100.00 deposit plus $50.00 FREE) at your convenience.

Note: There are no account fees or any other fees you ever have to pay, the $50.00 is really FREE!

Optional: Once you sign up you can send referrals to your friends as well using your own orange key to get them $50.00 and you an additional $50.00 for every friend that signs up. That means if you sign up and 5 of your friends sign up....you just made $300.00!

Note: they limit the number of referrals you can get a year to 3, so you can get up to $150 per year. So get three friends to sign up this year and 3 next year and you just made yourself $300.00 and got a free $50.00 for each of your friends. 

Tangerine Referral program Explanation

Tangerine Account Benefits


How To Get An Additional Free $150.00 In 5 Easy Steps - Tangerine Referral Program

1. Complete the steps above under "How To Get A Free $50.00 In 5 Easy Steps - Tangerine Referral Program"

2. Login to your new Tangerine account

3. Click on the arrow beside your name in the top right and corner and click "Profile & Settings"

4. Click the yellow "Share" button on the right below your Orange Key (on the right below where it says "Refer a Friend"

5. Enter the name and email address of one of your friends and repeat steps 1-4 for two other friends or family members that will sign up for an account, then make sure each person you share it with actually sets up an account and deposits $250 into the account. 


How To Use This Idea For Your Business

Use A Service Your Customers Are Thrilled With

If you are looking to get more customers, using a referral program like the one Tangerine has used is a great idea. To use this idea for your business think about what service your customers would be most interested in sharing with their family, friends and colleges. Determine what of your services your customers would be able to easily think of people to refer you and a service that you know your customers are very satisfied with. There is no point in starting a referral program for a product or service you know is not working the best right now or that your customers are not happy with. You need a product or service that your customers are thrilled with for this program to work. The only reason I forwarded the program from Tangerine was because I am very happy with the service I get from Tangerine. Their banking is fee free, easy to use, quick and easy to transfer back to my other bank account and offer better interest rates than any other bank. If I got a similar email from a bank like CIBC who I am not thrilled about, I would not have sent the program to my friends and family.

Offer A Great Value

Try and think of something that will make people go, "Wow, this is a great deal. Is it for real....". This may be using the same cash value or maybe for your industry it requires a higher amount like $100.00 or $250.00. If you sell larger items or your annual revenue generated from a new customer is higher you can afford to offer a higher value. Another idea is offering something else free you can provide that is unique to your business that both the person sending and accepting the referral can benefit from. For example if you sell computers maybe it would be a free computer monitor to both the person sending and accepting the referral. Make in super enticing.

Communicate It

Make sure people are aware of your offer. To do this communicate it through email, social media, your website, in face to face interactions, to your employees, on your invoices etc. The more ways people hear about the program and the more times they hear or read about it the more likely the will be to take action and participate


What Makes This Program Great

Both People Get Something

What makes this referral program different from many is that both people in the referral exchange get something, the person referring ING and the person accepting the referral by signing up with ING. The benefit or prize each receives is also equal, so both parties have the same satisfaction. It is a great feeling where each gets not only the benefit of the $50.00 but the benefit of feeling they helped their friend get $50.00. If you create a referral program I would highly recommend you give a benefit to both parties in the referral exchange and acceptance.

Easy To Understand

This program is very easy to understand. If you refer someone to Tangerine and they sign up, depositing at least $100.00 into the account, you get $50.00 and they get $50.00. There is no complicated rules. Within a sentence, I can wrap up how the program works. If you create a referral program ensure it can be explained in one sentence.

No Strings Attached

This program does not have a long list of fine print or stipulations. Instead, it is summarized in very short legal print. There are no rules about how long you need to keep the money in the account or any other odd rules you need to meet to qualify. There is also no additional account fee or any other things you are signing up for that you will have to pay to Tangerine in the future. You really are getting a free $50.00.

High-Value Offer

Because the offer is for $50.00 instead of $5.00 it entices people to take action. I would not have forwarded the program to people I know if each of us would only get $5.00. If they would have made the offer $100.00 I probably would have sent it to even more people and put much more effort into convincing people to sign up. If you implement a program ensure it has high value.

Easy To Communicate

Because I received an email from Tangerine about the program it was very easy for me to forward that email to friends and family. Within the forwarded email it had all the information they needed to learn about the offer and it only took me a few minutes to send it. If you implement a program ensure it is easy to communicate and send people an email about the offer with all the details.



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