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"Our overall sales to new customers has improved as a result of detailed analysis, proposed solutions, and successful execution.” 

-Tom Business Owner & Customer


small business marketing brantford 

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Become The Leader In Your Market


Our Values

  • Treat all people as we would want to be treated
  • Have fun at our work
  • Compete to be the best


Our Reputation

When we ask our customers how they would describe us, they consistently say the following:

  • We have a passion for what we do
  • We are resourceful
  • We are respectful of our customers and competitors


Become The Leader In Your Market

Do you want to be the best company in your market? Do you want to have the best market presence of any of your competitors? We work with business owners in Brantford to become the leader in the market when it comes to their marketing. 


What We Do

We provide a full range of small business marketing services specializing in strategy and the market channels that have the best average return on investment. We focus on strategy because having the best strategy is crucial to getting the best results. We focus on the marketing channels that have the best average return on investment because they are most likely to lead to increased sales and profits for our customers. When we work with businesses owners we work with them to make their marketing the best in their market. 


Why It Is Important To Be The Market Leader

If the market perceives you as the market leader, potential customers will prefer to buy from your company. Plus, it is always much more fun to be winning. When you are the leader in your market it will cause you to win more customers, win more market share, win higher skilled employees, and obtain a winning reputation. 


Where Are We Located

Profitworks is headquartered in the heart of Canada's technology industry in Waterloo, Ontario. We love serving customers in Brantford. 


Who We Are

We are a team of marketing specialists consisting of a Marketing Strategist, Traffic & Web Technology Expert, Conversion Expert, Writer, Editor and Graphic Designer. To learn more click here


Who Our Services Are A Good Fit For

(If You Meet All Of The Below Criteria We Might Be A Good Fit For Your Business)

Businesses owners who put a high importance on customer service

Business owners located in Brantford, ON, Canada

Business owners believe in the power of marketing

Business owners who are concerned about results and a positive return on investment

Business owners who are willing to track the sources of their revenue

Business owners who realize the internet is important to their business

Business owners who want to be the best in their market 



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