Prototype Product Design

If you are looking for an excellent prototype product design as the first step to launching a new product, Design Directive Inc. is a great choice. They can take you all the way from not having an idea, to a concept, to a working prototype, to production and finally commercialization. Their success rate of getting cost effective products and finding profitable market segments for new products is excellent. As a result of their experience with multiple other product design projects they bring a unique perspective that will increase your chances of success.

How to know if Design Directive Inc. is right for you

- do appreciate product design that focuses on minimizing production costs

- do value high quality work

- do want to expand into new markets or segments with innovative products that utilize your existing production capabilities


Benefits of working with Design Directive Inc.

- great customer service

- experienced track record

- full service solution

- product designs that minimize production cost


What Design Directive Inc. can all provide

- Industrial Product Design

- Product Prototyping

- Industrial Product Visualization

- Technical Documentation

- Product Launch Assistance Services (Brand, Promotional Materials etc)


To learn more about Design Directives services feel free to contact Chris at (519) 574-2778 or check out their website at


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