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Who This Service Is Not For

(If You Meet Any Of The Below Criteria Our Service Will Not Be A Good Fit For Your Business)

People who are noc concerned about getting a positive return on investment

People who do not like doing business meetings over webex and/or video conference.

People who think their website is NOT important to their business. 

People who do not put a high importance on customer service in their own business.

Businesses whose average value per sale is less than $3,000. 


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Our Service & Process

Below is what our search engine optimization and content creation services all include and an overview of the process we follow.



The first step of our service involves meeting with the business owner to understand their needs, business background and scope of the proposed project. We use this meeting to determine if there is a fit between our services and the business' needs. We cannot help all business, but for most we can be of assistance to help generate new customers. Pending we feel there is a fit, we will draft a business context and a product/service position for your business to ensure we properly understand the fundamentals of your business model. In this meeting, we will also verify we understand your goals for the project and agree on the compensation for the project. Following this, we will move onto the second stage of the project: analysis.



In the analysis stage, business context, business imperatives, branding, targeting and positioning are researched and discussed to ensure Profitworks has a proper understanding of your business.


Integrated Website Traffic Increasing Plan Creation

This step includes developing and presenting a comprehensive plan to increase website traffic given your goals, product(s) or service(s) you are selling, selected target market(s), your positioning and the findings from the analysis stage. Once the plan is approved, the project moves to material development.


Ongoing Content Creation

As part of our service we offer ongoing content creation for your website. We strongly believe the most important factor to increase website traffic is to increase the number of web pages your website has. This is because the more pages your website has the more pages you will get indexed in search engines. The more pages you have indexed the more rankings for different keywords you will have. The more rankings you have the more clicks you will get to your website. The more webpages you have have the more links to your website that you will get, which will also increase your rankings. In addition search engines reward websites that constantly add new content to their website. By constantly posting fresh content it will increase the rankings of all your pages. It is a compounding process that has a snowball like affect. Content creation is critical to increasing website traffic.


Optimized Content

All of the content we post is done so in a way in which it is optimized for search engines to find it. We constantly revise the way in which we optimize your content based on what we determine are the current best practices. We never do anything to try and trick the search engines or to find a loophole in the system. Everything we do is based on what we believe the search engines want so that your website is never penalized or black listed.


Tracking & Reporting

Tracking and reporting occurs weekly, which keeps the business owner informed of the projects' progress and results. This constant monitoring aids in identifying successful tactics and improving those tactics for even better results.


Evaluation & Refinement

The final step of our process is evaluation. Semiannually a report and presentation is delivered highlighting the results of our efforts, the return on investment from the content creation and search engine optimization campaign and what was learned. This report also provides suggested recommended improvements to further increase the return on investment in future months. At the end of every six months you will be able to clearly see how much our service cost you, how much revenue it generated for you and the return on investment. If we don't produce results, you don't pay us.


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