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What Our Clients Say

“We have been working with Profitworks for three years. Chris and his team have helped us meet our targets consistently. Our overall sales to new customers has improved as a result of detailed analysis, proposed solutions and successful execution."

“I have worked with Profitworks on several projects over the past two years, and I’ve found the company to be tenacious and adaptable to the challenges our industry poses.”

"It is their consistent ability to set attainable goals, measure their process, discuss changes, and implement them in a sustainable manner that has always impressed me. There is no messing around - Profitworks is always measuring, communicating, and improving. We couldn't find a better company to partner with."


Why Work With Us


- Pay for performance billing


- Minimal time requirement on your part


- Complete marketing initiative management


- Tracking that will let you know what marketing initiatives are responsible for what customers


- Marketing method ROI, conversion and per customer acquisition costs metrics


- Google analytics analysis and tracking


- Free email marketing services


- Website improvements using A/B page testing and heat map tracking


- Complete marketing initiative analysis, return on investment calculations and recommendations for improvement


Our Process

1. Understanding

The first step of our service involves meeting with the business owner to understand their needs, business background and scope of the proposed project. We use this meeting to determine if there is a fit between our services and the business' needs. We cannot help all business, but for most we can be of assistance to help generate new customers. Pending we feel there is a fit, we will draft a business context and a product/service position for your business to ensure we properly understand the fundamentals of your business model. In this meeting, we will also verify we understand your goals for the project and agree on the compensation for the project. Following this, we will move onto the second stage of the project: analysis.


2. Analysis

In the analysis stage, business context, business imperatives, branding, targeting and positioning are researched and discussed to ensure Profitworks has a proper understanding of your business.


3. Integrated Sales & Marketing Plan Development

This step includes developing and presenting a comprehensive sales and marketing plan given your goals, product(s) or service(s) you are selling, selected target market(s), your positioning and the findings from the analysis stage. Once the plan is approved, the project moves to material development.


4. Sales & Marketing Material Creation

The development of sales and marketing materials begins first by conducting a research survey with your existing customer base. This allows us to gain further understanding of your business, target market gather insights to the potential success of sales & marketing ideas. Following this research, development of the selected sales and marketing materials begin and continue throughout the execution phase, making tweaks, improvements or additions as necessary.


5. Sales & Marketing Execution

This step is where the client starts to see actual results. At this stage, execution of the agreed to sales and marketing initiatives begins. This could include things such as meeting with prospective new customers to close a sale, direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, online advertising, cold calling, networking, holding of events, SEO or any relevant sales and marketing activity that will generate new customers. The scope of the project really depends on the needs and desires of the client, as well as what makes sense, given the integrated sales and marketing plan. What is appropriate depends on the given product or service and the target market. Throughout the execution, sales and marketing initiatives are analyzed and constant testing/experimentation is performed to improve the results of all initiatives. In all activities we execute, we work to increase the value of the customers brand (by increasing awareness and delivering a consistent message) in a manner that will have long-term benefits.


6. Tracking & Reporting

Tracking and reporting occurs during the entire execution phase. This constant monitoring aids in identifying successful tactics and improving those tactics for even better results. This tracking and reporting is done on a weekly basis, which keeps the business owner informed of the projects' results weekly. Tracking & reporting is also done to determine which tactics and activities are the most successful. Once highly successful tactics are recognized, it allows for the option to apply more resources to the best tactics. By doing this, results are amplified, generating a higher amount of new customer revenue and providing stronger return on investment results. This tracking is also used to determine what new business Profitworks has generated for your business as you only pay Profitworks for the new business generated. If we don't produce results, you don't pay us.


7. Evaluation & Refinement

The final step of the process is evaluation. At the conclusion of a project or at a predetermined set date a report and presentation is delivered highlighting the results and what was learned. From this point the project will either be concluded, continued, or be modified.


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100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

If you feel the services we provide do not add more value than their cost at project conclusion or you are unsatisfied with our results, you are not required to pay for our services.


Guaranteed Return On Investment

Because you only us pay when we generate you new customers we can guarantee a return on investment when you work with us. If you are looking for sales growth for your small business contact us today.


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