Free Excel CRM System That Is Super Simple And Easy To Use

Are you frustrated with the high costs, difficult learn and time consuming CRM systems? Do you wish you had a CRM system that is quick to learn, super fast to use and completely free? Do want to increase your revenues by havng your sales team be more productive and efficient? The Profitworks Free Excel CRM System has everything you need to accomplish your CRM system goals. The template includes all the key components of an high end CRM in an easier to learn and faster to use format. It includes simple step by step instructions on how to set it up and use it. If you are interested in receiving the free Excel CRM System Download It Now!


Benefits of Profitworks' Free Excel CRM System

- quickly and easily shows your top leads, what leads you need to take action on, the status of each lead and all communication for each opportunity or with each contact

- it is a super simple and easy to learn CRM, even if you have never used a CRM before

- automated sales dashboard that updates automatically

- shows you look at the productivity of your sales team across any time period

- displays your sales win rate over any time period

- reports the marketing channels that are working the best to drive both leads and sales over any time period

- it is easy to copy and past information into and out of the CRM system

- easy to create and built custom reports given all the data is in excel

- logical and an attractive layout

- it is FREE!!!!

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Components Included In This Free Excel CRM System

- Sales Team Dashboard (Sales Pipeline Summary, Sales Team Productivity Overview, Top 5 Sales Leads Overview, Source Of Leads And Sales Summary)

- Opportunity Tracker

- Communication Log (sortable by company, opportunity or contact)

- Contact Database

- Sales Stage Overview (sales stages are customizable to match the sales process of your business)

- Source Of Leads Summary


Why Every Business Should Use A CRM

CRMs have consistently proven to help businesses in a number of ways including increased revenue, better revenue forecasting, increased customer retention and increasing sales staff productivity. By having all customer and prospect information in one central location that is quick to reference and easy to run reports on is extremely valuable for all businesses. Studies show that CRMs increase sales by 29%, increase sales staff productivity by 34% and increase forecast accuracy by 42%


Get our free excel CRM system now because having a CRM  is critical to your success.

Get a free sales template for you or your sales here.