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My name's Jefferson - nice to "meet" you! 

5 years ago I was working in what felt like a dead-end job. I had been there for just under 2 years, and I was already feeling the itch for something new. This was rinse-and-repeat for me. I'd spend a couple years working somewhere, and then not after long I'd feel stuck, uninspired, and drained. It was then that my boss said something to me that I really needed to hear. He said "Y'know Jefferson, some people just need to be their own boss."

I wish I could say that I listened to his sound advice right away, but it would take another few cycles of finding new jobs before it clicked. I was lacking the autonomy, the creative freedom, and the desire for growth and change that can only be found in being your own boss. 

As you are keenly aware, being an entrepreneur is hard work. You need to become a master at everything - from networking, to customer management, to building your own brand online! Luckily for me, I have a background in digital marketing that has helped launch my own career. I know how to build my presence online, how to turn general interest into valuable leads, and how to monetize my own persona. But here's the truth, you don't need a background in digital marketing to do all that stuff.  

Join me in my free webinar as I go over some simple but effective marketing strategies to better promote yourself online.


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When: Thursday, June 6th @ 10AM

Where: Google Meets
How Long: About an Hour
Cost: Free
Who: Entrepreneur's & Small Business Owners
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I've Grown A Number of Businesses across Southern Ontario, mainly in Kitchener, but also in Toronto, Pickering, Hamilton, & Burlington

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Believe it or not, but I actually
enjoy keeping up with what's new in Digital Marketing
Track Record

Not only have I grown businesses, but I've grown my own! My income is really on the line!

"Say something less boring than 'sign up now'" - my wife

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