Can You Double Your Sales By Implementing The 10 Things Top Sales Performers Do? - From Rain Today

I love football. When I first started learning about football about 10 years ago I was, and still am fascinated by the best coaches in the history of the game. This drove me to research what the best of the best coaches did. Just this morning I actually watched a clip of one of the best coaches ever in super bowl X. When I conducted me research of what made the very best football coaches the best, I found it was something VERY different from what I thought. It was something not every coach did. I guess that is what made them the best. The same holds true when I researched what top sales performers do. It is something I did not expect. Read this article to learn exactly what it is.

10 Things Top Sales Performers Do

How To Build Trust With Your Customers - Seven Practices Every Small Business Owner Should Embrace

This guest post it written by someone who is an excellent writer, a veteran client relationship professional with over 20 years experience, and an expert on building trust in business relationships. I am extremely excited to be able to feature them on the Profitworks blog. Today's guest post is from the outstanding author Andrea Howe, who is the co-author of book The Trusted Adviser Fieldbook. To learn more about Andrea read here full bio by going to


How To Build Trust With Your Customers


The Key To Improving Sales Meeting Closing Rates - Feelings

I can't remember where I came across this but I came across a very interesting concept when reading some articles online. The concept is that the most important factor to closing a sale is feelings. That is right, that people make purchases based on feelings and nothing more. Not features, not pricing not even benefits. When I heard this it was like a light went off in my head. This is so true. People only buy when they feel it is the right thing to do, they will never buy when they don't. I then started to think about my own purchase behavior and how their are certain feelings I have to feel to make a purchase. I realized just how powerful this statement was. In this article I look at where in the sales process and how in the sales process feelings can be impacted to increase sales meeting closing rates.

Positive vs Problem Buyers - How To Increase Sales Success With Each

In my quest to constantly increase my sales success and closing rates I found a very interesting article. In the article it had a concept I had never thought of selling to buyers that are positive, optimistic and focus on the opportunities is very different then selling to problem buyers that are pessimistic and focus more on the problems they want solved. I can't remember exactly what the article was called and I can't seem to find it when I do a Google search but I am pretty sure it was somewhere on I thought it would be a good exercise to think more about this concept and write down how to identify which kind of buyer my prospects are and ways I will try to increase my success with each. Hopefully this article will be useful to you and that using this approach for your business will be able to increase your closing rate.

Telemarketing Campaigns - Combined Results & Performance Metrics To Date For All Outbound Telephone Sales Efforts

In in this article I review the results of the telemarketing campaigns that I and the contractors that work for me have been working on for my clients. After almost two years of data there is some very interesting information. In this article I also share some of the things I have learned from doing the calling as well as things I have learned from going through the process of compiling and reviewing this information.