Marketing Resume Writing Services

Want to show potential employers that you are perfect for that marketing job? Profitworks' Marketing Resume Writing Services can do just that. Our professional resume writers will produce a high-quality resume that will expertly highlight and showcase your skills to get you the interview and ultimately the job that you want. Contact us now to get started.



Marketing Resume Writing Services: Benefits of Getting Help


Professional Writing:

Not everyone is a strong writer. If you take advantage of marketing resume writing services, then you are getting someone who can produce a high-quality, professionally written resume for you.

Stand Out from the Rest of the Pile:

There is fierce competition for marketing positions. A professionally written resume is going to stand out from the rest of the pile and that's what you want.

Clearly Highlight Your Skills & Accomplishments:

A professional marketing resume writing service will be able to clearly highlight your skills and accomplishments and get them noticed on your resume.

Get You that Interview:

A resume that has been professionally prepared is more likely to get you that interview.



How an Impressive Resume Can Get You the Interview

According to a 2009 beSatisfied Resume Rewrite Impact Survey, a professionally written resume can give you a huge advantage. They found that with a professionally written resume you would be:

  • 31% more likely to get an interview
  • 38% more likely to be contacted by a recruiter
  • 40% more likely to get the job

In addition, researchers have found that on average, recruiters spend about 5 seconds on your resume so you need to make a great and fast first impression.



How Does Marketing Resume Writing Services with Profitworks Work

Step 1: Contact Profitworks

Fill out our contact form letting us know that you are interested in our marketing resume writing services.

Step 2: One of Our Professional Resume Writers Will Talk to You

Your personal resume writing specialist will call you at a time that is most convenient for you. During this conversation you'll discuss things like your career goals, skills, and past work experience so that our writer knows how to best portray you and what you need in your marketing resume.

Step 3: Review Your New Resume

In a few short business days, you will be given your new resume so that you can look it over to make sure that it's what you want. If there is anything that you would like changed, adjusted or added, let your writer know and it will be done.

Step 4: Receive Your Final Copy

Once you are completely satisfied with your new resume, the final draft will be sent to you in both Microrsoft Word and PDF formats.



 Marketing Resume Writing Services: Profitworks will create the perfect resume for you


Marketing Resume Writing Services: Our Experience

At Profitworks we have over 17 years of marketing experience. As a top marketing company, we get and review hundreds of marketing resumes, so we know what a great marketing resume is. Our team of marketing experts have incredibly strong writing skills and are capable of producing the highest quality marketing resume for you.

Marketing Resume Writing Services: What to Look For in a Resume Writer

If you are looking for the perfect resume writer to hire, you should find one that:

  • Knows the industry that you are applying to
  • Will write you a resume targeted to marketing
  • Has incredibly strong writing skills
  • Knows how to write a resume that will stand out from the crowd
  • Is willing to get to know you personally in order to best portray your skills and accomplishments


Marketing Resume Writing Services: We Write for all Levels of Marketing Positions

No matter what type of marketing position you are applying for, we can write you a killer resume that will help you get the position you want, including:

  • Marketing Interns
  • Telemarketers
  • Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Social Media Managers
  • Product Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Directors

From entry-level to high-level executives, we will appropriately tailor your resume to the position.



Marketing Resume Writing Services: We write resumes for all levels of marketing positions


Marketing Resume Writing Services: Components of a Good Marketing Resume

A good marketing resume will:

  • Be a Reasonable Length: containing enough information but not too wordy
  • Highlight the Right Amount of Experience: list the past ten to fifteen years of your work experience; if you don't have specific marketing experience, you can still list your previous work experience, highlighting your transferable skills
  • Contain Key Skills: such as marketing and promotions, direct mail campaigns, marketing development, strategic planning, multimedia advertising, etc.

Your resume should also contain key phrases such as:

  • Create and manage marketing programs including brand integrity
  • Competent with marketing collateral, and promotional strategies
  • Oversee all aspects of marketing such as profitability and growth
  • Utilize segment and strategic marketing
  • Developed roadmaps, R&D, partnerships, and product definition





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