Keyword Phrase Research

I recently completed a survey for one of my customers, which included a question that was targeted at keyword phrase research. We wanted to better understand what keywords people use to find my customers products as one of the many objectives of the survey. After seeing the results I was very surprised with what I saw.


Total Number Of Respondents = 66

Those that say they would not use google = 3 or 4.5%

Those that provided a keyword phrase that someone else had provided as well = 17 or 25.8%

Those that provided a unique keyword phrase that no one else provided = 50 or 75.8%

Note: If you add the totals of each category it comes to 70, which is greater then the 60 respondents. This is because 4 respondents provided 2 keyword phrases.


The significance of this data is that if this survey is accurate only 1/4 of people use the same keywords to find the same information. On the flip side 3/4 of people use different keywords to find the same information. What this information means is that you will most likely need to have a large keyword list in any pay per click marketing campaign. Now as the sample size would increase I am sure the % of unique keyword phrases would decrease. The fact still remains though that most people use different keyword phrases when looking for the same information. Based on the results above any pay per click campaign should contain anywhere from 50 to 75 keywords if you wish to reach a high portion of the target market.

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I hope you have found this keyword research information useful.