Canadian Business Valuation

Price - Starting at $1,800


Benefits Of Profitworks' Canadian Business Valuation

- a detailed, comprehensive, and individually custom crafted report

- low cost (only $1,800 with no additional fees)

- researched and prepared to a professional standard by a well qualified banking professional with firsthand entrepreneurial and transaction experience

- straightforward layout that is easy to understand (6-8 pages with a single page Executive Summary)

- quick turnaround (7 day or less)


Why Purchase A Report?

A comprehensive Business Valuation Report (BVR) is an essential tool for a Buyer or Seller of any business. For a Buyer, the BVR provides an accurate market value of the businesses you are looking to purchase, and will form the cornerstone of your negotiation strategy. For a Seller, it is beneficial to have an analysis and report completed to ensure you are getting a fair price for your business. Our BVRs use multiple valuation methods, including a comprehensive analysis of cashflows and assets, as well as industry metrics and recent transaction multiples. All reports are individually researched and prepared by an experienced and well-qualified transaction professional. You can read more about our Business Valuation Expert's credentials on ourProfitworks Team page. If you are looking for a Canadian Business Valuation you have found the right company to complete one for you. To place your order for a Business Valuation report Contact Us today.


What Is Required

- an initial meeting (in person or teleconference) to determine scope, scale, purpose and background

- financial statements (internal or accountant prepared)

Place Your Order Today

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