Business Valuation Service (from $1,999)

A comprehensive Business Valuation Report (BVR) is an essential tool for a Buyer or Seller of any business. For a Buyer, the BVR provides an accurate market value of the businesses you are looking to purchase, and will form the cornerstone of your negotiation strategy. For a Seller, purchase a report to ensure you're getting a fair price for your business. Our BVRs use multiple valuation methods, including a comprehensive analysis of cashflows and assets, as well as industry metrics and recent transaction multiples. All reports are individually researched and prepared by an experienced and well-qualified transaction professional. You can read more about our Business Valuation Expert's credentials on our Profitworks Team page. To place your order for a Business Valuation report Contact Us today.

Business Valuation Chart


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Benefits of Profitworks' Business Valuation Report

- a detailed, comprehensive, and individually custom crafted report

- low cost (only $1,999 with no additional fees)

- researched and prepared to a professional standard by a well qualified banking professional with firsthand entrepreneurial and transaction experience

- straightforward layout that is easy to understand (6-8 pages with a single page Executive Summary)

- quick turnaround (7 day or less)

- in depth six page analysis report

What is Required

- an initial meeting (in person or teleconference) to determine scope, scale, purpose and background

- financial statements (internal or accountant prepared)

Place Your Order Today

To place an order for a business valuation click on Contact Us and send us a note indicating you would like a business valuation completed or call us at (519) 880-8675. If you are located in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph or Cambridge we will meet with you in person to review our business valuation services. If you are located outside this area we would be happy to review and perform our service over phone and email.