How To Build The Best Contact Us Form To Get More Leads

What do you think is the way to setup up the best contact us form for generating leads and contacts? Does including an email address increase non spam contacts? What type of an email address is best to include? Read on to find out how to get more sales leads from your website.


Overview Of Changes

Recently I have been working to see if their is a way I could encourage more people to contact me via my "Contact Us" page. The first test I conducted was to determine if I would get more people contacting me if I included an info@ email address in addition to my contact form on my "Contact Us" page. The results from that test showed that using an actual email address on your website instead of only a contact form will have little to no impact to the number of inquiries you receive. If you want to read about that experiment read my blog article titled How To Get More Sales Leads From Your Website.

As a follow up to that experiment I wanted to check to see what would happen if I replaced the info@ email with my own email address to see if this would result in an increase in contacts.


The Results

Contacts Per Day

October 1st 2010 to April 9th 2011 - Contact Form = 7 contacts (or 0.04 contacts per day)

April 9th 2011 to May 26th 2011 - Contact Form + info@ email = 6 contacts (or 0.13 contacts per day)

May 26th 2011 to Aug 19th 2011 - Contact Form + my email = 6 contacts (or 0.07 contacts per day)

Contacts per day is not a very effective measure though, the appropriate thing to look at is really contacts per unique visit to my Contact Us page, given the last few months I have been receiving significantly more visits then when I first launched my site back in October 2010. Below are those figures.


Contacts Per Unique Page Visit

October 1st 2010 to April 9th 2011 - Contact Form = 0.033 contacts per unique visit to the Contact Us page

April 9th 2011 to May 26th 2011 - Contact Form + info@ email = 0.098 contacts per unique visit to the Contact Us page

May 26th 2011 to Aug 19th 2011 - Contact Form + my email = 0.075 contacts per unique visit to the Contact Us page


This means that by providing both a form and an info@email on your website you can expect to see about a 190% higher number of leads generated than if you only had a contact form. Using an info@ email also resulted in 30% higher contact rate then providing someones email. I think this may not always be the case, as I know I am more likely to send email to addresses I know are a person's than an info@ email. It may also depend on how well known your business is. For smaller, unknown businesses an info@ email may give them more credibility and result in more contacts being made. I am going to retest this experiment again at some point. For my next test though I am going to test including a sales@ email address to see how that does.



Although this website currently does not get anywhere near as much traffic as a site like eBay or Amazon I think this website still gets enough traffic to make this data viable. I would say the results are clear, if you want more people to contact you through your website using an email address in addition to a contact form is probably the best way to go. The more ways people can contact you the more likely they will be to contact you.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts and experiences on this subject. Send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our contact form, letting me know what you think and what tactics you have used to get more leads from your website. Be sure to check back in a month or so when I will reveal the results of this last test of changing the email on my Contact Us page to a sales@ email.



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I hope this article on the how to build the best contact us form to get more leads was interesting. Thanks for reading.