Top 10 Marketing Audit Templates

Marketing audit templates are great ways to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and work to date.  Business owners and leaders need an effective way to determine the viability and impact of their marketing investment. These top 10 marketing templates help leaders understand and assess next steps. Not all marketing tools all are made equal, nor are audits happening often enough to impact business value. Utilize these great marketing audit templates to improve an area for your team today.  Consult with the team at Profitworks today to turn insights into action to grow your team and client 10 marketing audit templates banner 

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Executive Summary

 - A marketing audit is conducted every quarter to determine the effectiveness of marketing investments for organizational value. It seeks to understand whether the company is on track in delivering its sales and marketing objectives or if it requires replanning

 - Belladia and the team at Jacqui took top spots for intuitive and comprehensive marketing audit templates respectively

 - Most marketing audit templates defer to checklists and may miss big picture or impactful details

 - Business owners and marketing executives are recommended to conduct an audit every 1-2 years

 - Further organizations should attempt to align themselves to growth positioning versus marketing, sales, and customer service silos

Why Are Marketing Audits Important?

Marketing audits should be conducted every 1-2 years to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing team, their use of technology, and how in touch they are with the clients they seek to serve. Marketing audits should not only focus on the end results which are typically clear (unless return on investments are not defined). The audit helps encourage authentic dialogue between team members on how to improve the situation as well as to catalyze the adoption of new paradigms and practices like the growth marketing movement.

Marketing Audit also focuses on analyzing the current strategy and how an organization can best improve its core assumptions around direction and clients aspirations and the paths and channels in which they achieve these desires. As technology platforms arrive, mature, and fade we suspect the marketing or growth audit may require more frequent analysis.

The following are top marketing audit templates along with their pros and cons for each.

Marketing Audit Templates Summary Ratings

Though each of these audit templates had their strengths the top 4 templates came from Jacqui Malpass and Belladia for concise use of marketing audit layout as well as comprehensive deep dive content. These templates are a great fit for large and emerging enterprise who are serious about honing their marketing and growth prospects.

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Jacqui MalPass - Marketing Review Audit Template

marketing audit template jacqui audit

Pros: The most comprehensive and detailed marketing audit templates available. This template is applicable for large and small organizations.

Cons: Because of its extensive nature this audit may take 2-3x longer to complete than the othe templates available, but it would be well worth effort to do so.

Belladia - The Marketing Audit

marketing audit template Belladia audit

Pros: Quite possibly our top pick in terms of audit templates. This audit allows for comprehensive analysis of a marketing department along with rapid assessment and prioritization of each area. Belladia offers a simple to use and intuitive template to manage all areas of marketing.

Cons: A section on ranking the channels in terms of leads and sales growth would have been impactful and further planning where to make further investments into each channel. Other major downside is this verrsion isn't available in Word or edittable format.

Van Wagner - Marketing Audit

marketing audit template vw audit

Pros: A releatively quick way to quantify and define capabilities within your marketing team. The questionaire assess a wide range of capabilities like branding and customer profiles - along with strategic missions and vision.

Cons: An area of improvement is the use of technology not only to reach but at which the scale of reach happens. Marketing automation tools could have been its own category to determine how well an organization is using automted Email and CRM campaigns. Not sure what brand architecture or positioning statement means contact us to demystify these terms.

Strategy D - Marketing Audit Snapshot

marketing audit template strategyd audit

Pros: quick and intuitive template to understanding the effectivenss of marketing's top and bottom funnel activities

Cons: Need the other resources like undersatnding the buyer journey to compete with more robust templates found on this list. 


The Marketing Network - Audit Template

marketing audit template marketing network

Pros: The Marketing Network from Australia offers a list of key questions to ask when conducting an audit. These questions are strategic and can often lead to some very spirited and insightful dialogue.

Cons: The template isn't very structured and is more of a questionnaire than an actual template. We wlso felt that the provided content is more suitable when starting up a marketing deparment than refining and optimizing.


In Motion Hosting - SEO Audit Template

marketing audit template seo audit

Pros: A great visual layout helps digitally saavy companies and organization improve their basic SEO dimension of a website. There are some helpful insights like running diagnostics on keyword competition and reminders to action maintenance tasks that shouldn't be ignored.

Cons: One of the key pieces of missing information is understanding content performance which is a huge miss. Companies should understand what content is working well and isn't and make decisions on how to resolve this issue. 


SPA - Professional Academy Marketing Audit

marketing audit template SPA audit

Pros: SPA provides a strong offering of structure and formal project documentation for conducting an audit. Particularly high level and comprehensive with its inclusion of Porter's forces as well as charts to help structure thinking.

Cons: The downside is that this is more focused on business strategy than actual marketing though the two are very cosely tied, its understandble that this overlap has happened. However more content around branding and consumer personas could have been helpful here.


RGS Creative Business Solutions - Marketing Audit

marketing audit template RGS audit

Pros: RGS provides a list of probing questions as to how well your company actually knows its customers. This marketing audit has a great balance between marketing strategy and tacticals. It further aligns a number of usually disparate groups like sales, marketing, and customer service to better help the company grow their market share.

Cons: The audit appears dated which may detour some folks but the content remains applicable to today's modern enterprises.


Rocket Science - Marketing Audit Template

marketing audit template Rocket audit

Pros: A great fact sheet to ask about the three most important external stakeholders to your organization: current, past, and potential customers.

Cons: The template is generally more brief than other samples available but provides useful tips in each dimension for analysis.

DPPAD - Marketing Audit checklist

marketing audit template DPPAD audit

Pros: A short set of questions to understand the marketing maturity of your team presented in a bite sized format applicable for weekly team meetings to cover one question each round.

Cons: It is what it is, a checklist and less of a full blown template

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