Use Google Plus To Bring Traffic To Your Website By The Boat Load

Google plus is quickly growing. As of October 2011 it already had over 40 million users and is the fastest growing social media site ever. If you are not familiar with what Google plus is, think of it as a Facebook on steroids. It has an abundance of additional features and functionality compared to Facebook and is also integrated into other Google products like gmail, youtube and of course google search, to name just a few. So what does this have to do with generating new customers for your business? Well Google plus is drastically changing the way search results appear in Google and I predict will even further impact search results in the future, impacting how you get traffic to your website. This presents a great opportunity for those that understand the change that is happening. These changes can be used to drive a significant increase in traffic to your website.

Google Plus

Why should you want more website traffic?....I think this is obvious but more website traffic leads to more customers. So how can you get more website traffic. Lets first look at how google+ is impacting search results, which will help explain how you can use google+ to increase the traffic to your website.

How Google Plus Impacts Search Results

Google+ impacts search results by anywhere from a few rankings to moving up a web page's place in google search results by over 20 pages. Check out these case studies below or in the videos above.

Test #1 - Search "Increase Sales" In Google Search

When logged into Google (Shared by Chris R. Keller) - Page #1, Rank #6 (Shared By Lois Raats) - Page #1, Rank #8

Note: When I removed Lois Raats from my circles it did not change the position of her post as she still had me in her circles on Google+

When NOT logged into Google (Shared by Chris R. Keller) - Not Found On The First 20 Pages Of Results (Shared By Lois Raats) - Not Found On The First 20 Pages Of Results


Test #2 - Search "Email Marketing" In Google Search

When logged into Google (Shared by Chris R. Keller) - Page #1, Rank #8 (Shared By Chris R. Keller) - Page #1, Rank #9

When NOT logged into Google (Shared by Chris R. Keller) - Not Found On The First 20 Pages Of Results (Shared by Chris R. Keller) - Not Found On The First 20 Pages Of Results


Test #3 - Search "Oakville MLS Listings" In Google Search

When logged into Google (+1 by Chris R. Keller) - Page #2, Rank #10

When NOT logged into Google (+1 by Chris R. Keller) - Page #4, Rank #4


How Google Plus Impacts Organic Search Traffic For Your Website

Obviously if you can have your web pages come up on page #1 for words like "Email marketing", you are going to get more traffic. "Email marketing" gets over 22,000 searches a month in Canada. If my website gets on the 1st page of search results for just 1% of searches that would be 220 impressions a month. Of those, given the posts are ranked 6th and 8th, they will probably get about 8% or 17 clicks. Is getting 1% of these searches realistic though? This would mean I would need to connect with 1% of Canadians that use Google search. I would estimate this number to be 170,000 Canadians. This would be incredibly hard to do. More realistically if I tried really hard I might be able to get to 3,000 or 5,000 connections which would only be about 0.018%, which might get me one extra three clicks a month from search results for that keyword..... but if my website receives traffic from about 500 keywords in any given month and I get an extra 3 clicks on average for each keyword that could be an extra 1,500 visitors to my website in a month from organic search impacts alone. That does not even include any traffic from my google plus posts or a google plus business page. Google plus can definitely be a significant source of traffic for a website.

In addition to generating significant traffic from search results, Google+ will also be able to drive significant traffic to your website through in a similar fashion to the way Facebook can. These methods will be by having connected people see your posts on Google+ and by sending messages to your Google+ business page followers. Google+ businesses pages are also just one more way to get a quality link to your website and to have one more search result listed when someone types your company name into a google search. There are many benefits to having a google+ page and profile.

The key therefore is to make sure you are posting on google+, building connections and setting up a business page. If my calculations and assumptions are accurate it could dramatically increase your website traffic in 2012.

In order to get as many followers and +1s on Google Plus I would recommend making sure google plus buttons and +1 buttons are prominent on each page of your website and that you add everyone you know to your google plus account. The amount of time it will take to do this will be minimal and there will be great benefits. To get started be sure you add me to your google+ connections right now.


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How To Create A Google Plus Business Page To Drive Even More Traffic


The Key Point

Businesses that are connected to more people on google+ will reap the rewards of higher search rankings for all their pages, which will lead to more website traffic and more sales. Google+ will also drive additional traffic to company websites from within Google+ itself. Businesses that don't utilize google+ will see a significant drop in their website traffic. The more connections on google+ your business has, either through your personal profile or a  google+ business page , the more website traffic you will get. Start building your google+ connections today. Add Profitworks to your google+ circles.



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