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If your company name can be written different ways or easily mispelled, it may be a good idea to target those keywords as well in your search engine optimization. Otherwise when people type in the name of your company in google.....they may never find you. I found this out the hard way. For the longest time I could not get my company to come up in googles ranking......little did I know google was playing a trick on me.


I was trying to find out why my website was not coming up in google even though it was indexed with google. I then discovered what it was, which I did not know google did. Sometimes when I typed in "profitworks" it would display results for "profit works". Then below the search bar but above the first search results it would say "showing results for profit works not profitworks". To show the actual results for "profitworks", I would need to click on profitworks from that line.

Follow this link to see what google returns when I tried looking for my company - profit works

And follow this link to see is what google returns once you click on "profitworks" to have google actually display results for the proper search term....the one I typed into google in the first place - profitworks

As you can see these are very different results and my website actually comes up in a good position (#2 the last time I checked) when searching under the proper search terms.

So be wary...sometimes when you are looking at google you are not looking at the search results for exactly what you searched on.


Profit Works

if you typed in Profit Works but were looking for Profitworks Small Business Services Inc, now you have found us.