Advertising Kitchener


If you are looking to do some advertising in Kitchener? If you are trying to increase the awareness level of your company locally and increase your sales with businesses or people in the Kitchener and surrounding area we may be able to help you. Profitworks provides various offline and online advertising options locally, in addition to numerous other advertising options through our partners. Below is a list of some of the advertising we can do.


Marketing Vehicles

- Direct Mail

- Local Print & Newspaper

- Local Establishment Video Monitors

- Local Magazines

- Local Street Level Alternatives

- Email Marketing

- Google Adwords

- Facebook Ads

- Linkedin Direct Ads

- Youtube Ads/Viral Videos

- Mobile Advertising

- Search Engine Optimization

- New Technology Platforms


Benefits Of Working With Profitworks

- access to a wide range of advertising options

- free advice and information

- experts of Kitchener and surrounding area

- experience with new age technologies and social networking platforms

- analytics reporting to gauge return on investment


To Learn More And Get Free Information Contact Us Today

We would be glad to give you some free advice on what may be the best marketing vehicle for your business. To learn more, have your questions answered or get free information on the various local advertising options in Kitchener and the surrounding area Contact Us today. Just send us a note indicating what you are interested in or give us a call at (519) 880-8675 to discuss. We are always happy to discuss to see if there would be a fit to work together.