5 Must Read Email Marketing Case Studies

In this blog article and podcast we are going to talk about some of the best email marketing case studies out there. Email marketing has shown time and time again to be one of the most dependable marketing methods for small to medium sized businesses. It's been proven as a constant provider of a high return on investment despite competition from other outlets such as social media marketing. These five case studies will help to show that email marketing is alive and well, and should be included in the marketing plan of every business. Profitworks Inc. is an expert in the field of email marketing which has one of the highest ROI's of any marketing type. Contact them now to learn more!

Top 5 email marketing case studies


Executive Summary

  • Segmenting lists allows for more specialized content for the recipient and better ROI
  • Follow up emails for people who've abandoned their carts is an incredible effective marketing method
  • Follow up articles that focus on giving promotions are a very effecting form of email marketing
  • Personalizing an email can lead to higher conversion rates


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5 Must Read Email Marketing Case Studies


Sony Playstation

sony playstation case study


Key Point From Article: Segmenting lists allows for more specialized content for the recipient and better ROI

Econsulty.com's article "Seven Inspirational Email Marketing Case Studies From The Digitals" is a case study about Sony Playstation's email marketing campaign that was designed to cross-sell the Playstation Vita to those who were subscribed to them or who owned a PS3 and were a part of the Playstation Network. Depending on which segment they were a part of (PS3 owner, Playstation Plus subscriber, Inside PS Vita subscriber etc.) the content of the emails were tailored specifically. The email reached over 4.2 million people and subsequently achieved a return on investment of an estimated 508%.


Craghoppers Basket Abandonment

Craghoppers Image


Key Point From Article: Follow up emails for people who've abandoned their carts is an incredible effective marketing method

Basket abandonment has shown to be highly effective at delivering a strong ROI. In the case of Craghoppers, a travel clothing company, they used Redeye's dynamic tagging system to help track items that shoppers had in their cart before abandoning their purchase. Then Craghopper's would send out an email to these potential customers within 24hrs and once again 3 days later. Their campaign has seen them achieve an ROI of +3088%, and of all the emails sent to those who had abandoned their carts, 10% ended up purchasing. You can read more on that here.



Argos Image


Key Point From Article: Like Craghoppers campaign Argos' reaffirms that the abandon cart email marketing campaign is incredible effective

Argos is a UK based toy and home furnishings retailer that much like Craghoppers implemented a basket abandonment email into their marketing methods. They would send follow up emails to potential customers based on what was left abandoned in their inbox and what their needs may be based on demographic information. They also implemented a number of recommended emails which would contact those who have purchased products and also recommend items that may go well with their previously purchased product. Much like with Craghoppers, Argos email marketing plan generated a high number of sales from customers that had abandoned filled carts beforehand. You can learn more about Argos email marketing strategy from this article.


"We approached Chris Keller and his team hoping for someone that would take the time to care about our business. There are so many companies that make grandiose promises without actually delivering anything of value to their customer. Profitworks has paid close attention to what is important to us and how we want to market our company and we are pleased with the results."

- Rick (Business Owner & Customers)

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Birchbox image


Key Point From Article: Follow up articles that focus on giving promotions are a very effecting form of email marketing

Birchbox is a beauty and grooming company from New York that sends out boxes of selected makeup or grooming products each month to their online subscribers. Being a company that fully relies on having a high number of online customers, Birchbox has had to come up with some intelligent email marketing plans. According to this article at convinceandconvert.com, Birchbox would often send out emails to their subscribers claiming to have forgotten to give them a discount code to other companies that they're affiliated with. Here's an example:


This email campaign was incredibly effective at driving sales between businesses and is a great example of some wonderfully strategic marketing. Most people are afraid to become "sale-sy" in their marketing emails, but with an email like this, you can easily work in your sales pitch right at the top of the email without seeming pushy.



Zumba image


Key Point From Article: Personalizing an email can lead to higher conversion rates

In 2014, Zumba created an email that was primarily targeted their instructors with the purpose of inviting them to attend their yearly instructors conference. Generally, the average open rate for a company with over 50 employees is only 20-25%, but by choosing to market their email with videos of past conferences as well as a personalized call to action at the end of each video, Zumba saw a huge increase in their click rates. It resulted in a whopping 50% click to open rate which is 100% better than most companies will ever see. We can only assume the mix of both media and personalization helped to boost this email campaign into a huge success. You can learn more about Zumba's approach by checking out this article on marketingsherpa.com



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