This article is written by PJ Taei, President of Uscreen. Uscreen is a video monetization platform that allows content creators to make money off their videos. The software features branded apps, customization, video hosting, learning tools, support with marketing and payments and more. 

Everyone knows that videos are an important part of your online presence - but the format alone is not enough to get the job done. If you truly want to use video content to grow your website traffic, there are six key types that you'll want to be aware of.


6 Types of Video Content to Grow Your Website Traffic

1. Interviews

Interviews are a great opportunity to use video to grow your website traffic because they're naturally compelling above all else. In a standard interview, you (or someone from your company) will sit down with a respected individual or thought influencer in your industry and go into great detail on topics that are important to the people you're trying to reach. Not only is this a perfect chance to take complicated ideas and break them down in a way that is easier for people to understand, but they're also highly engaging as well.

Interviews are also great because they're a type of video content that is easy to refresh. Everybody has their own opinions and even if you ask two different people the same questions, you're likely to get two totally different sets of answers.


2. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a perfect chance to grow your website traffic because they're a natural part of your sales process. These are when you take a particular topic or "step" in the buyer's journey and express it in detail as a video as opposed to text. You could create one or two-minute explainer videos outlining the individual features that your product has and the problems your customers can solve with them, for example.

Not only will this allow you to populate your website with fresh, relevant and specific content, but it also frees up your actual sales team members to focus on more important tasks. Instead of repeating the same pitch multiple times when warming up new leads, you can instead send those leads links to your explainer videos. Then, when they're closer to a sale, you can hand them off to your actual employees to seal the deal. You get to grow your website traffic and you get to close more leads at the exact same time.


3. Webinars

A webinar is a bit like an explainer video, but it's naturally much longer and more detail-oriented. If an explainer video gives you around five minutes to break down a topic, with a webinar you can have 30 or more depending on how engaging the discussion is.

You can create a webinar about anything - from helping people get more out of your products and services, to helping them solve some of the common challenges that your customers are likely to face. Plus, once you have that long 30+ minute video, you can also break it down into smaller chunks and create new "bite-sized" pieces of content, too. You can even send them out one-at-a-time as part of a drip email campaign ahead of your next product launch for maximum mileage out of your content.


4. FAQ Videos

FAQ ("frequently asked questions") videos are a perfect chance to use video to answer all of the common questions your customers might have in a way that saves everyone involved a great deal of time. Think about most of the frequent questions you get via emails and calls to your customer support team. The only reason those inquiries are coming in is that the answers are not easily available. At that point, the solution is simple: make those answers easy to find.


Not only will this again help increase satisfaction with existing purchases, but it will also grow your website traffic as it will quickly be seen as a genuine helpful source of information. P
eople can easily find out more about your products and services and how easy they are to use in a way that also shows them that you care about their success. They will also know that if they run into an issue you're quick to provide support and oftentimes that can make all the difference in terms of getting someone to come down off the fence and make a purchase.


5. Demonstration Videos

Demonstration videos are a lot like explainer videos, only they're focused more on action than they are raw information. In an explainer video, you might take five minutes to explain what your product can do, and include one or two customer video testimonial. In a demonstration video, however, you would use those same five minutes showing people how to do all those things you just promised.


Not only is this a great chance to explain all the finer details about your products and services, but it again gives you an opportunity to help people get the most out of their purchase. If they have a problem with your product, instead of getting on the phone with customer service they can instead watch a demonstration video to see what they might be doing wrong. This allows them to troubleshoot issues far faster, thus increasing satisfaction as well.


6. Live Videos

Finally, one of the best ways to use video to grow your website traffic involves the use of live content as much as possible. People watch more live content on sites like Facebook and YouTube, and other similar VOD platforms than they do anything else and that is absolutely a trend you can use to your advantage.
Live videos are great because they're urgent - they make people feel like they have to start watching soon or they're going to miss something special.

You could hold a live product demonstration, for example, complete with a Q&A session with viewers. Then, when that video is finished, you can break it up into smaller pieces and allow it to live in the "Support" section of your website - once again showing that you genuinely care about making the lives of your customers better even after they've given you their money. That alone will be enough to keep most people coming back for more.


Wrapping this up…

Video content is one of the most powerful tools that you have, to boost your reach and bring in more quality traffic. Gone are the days that people had the time to read long articles about a product or service. Now is the age of YouTube and Netflix, and other SVOD platforms! People are used to watching on-demand content on an OTT service, to learn about new trends and products!

You can take advantage of this opportunity, by creating engaging video content, and publishing them on various social media channels and other video-on-demand websites.

This way you get to boost your reach and build an active online community around your business.