Increase Store Foot Traffic Like Jamba Juice Using SMS Text Marketing

This post is a guest post that was submitted to us a few weeks ago. In the article the author explains in detail how Jamba Juice increased store traffic by 10% and increased their mobile optin database of customers by over 1,000 customers. If you are researching what marketing methods you should employ for your business I would highly recommend you read this article on ROI benchmarks by marketing medium

increase foot traffic



Multi-Channel Approach

By working with Trumpia’s SMS text marketing service Jamba juice as able to increase store traffic by roughly 10 percent, increasing Jamba Juice sales. Trumpia’s text marketing platform is a solution that allows business owners to easily execute SMS text marketing campaigns. Jamba Juice of Bakersfield, owner and operator of four local franchises, accessed Trumpia’s QR code and bulk SMS marketing mechanics to power in-store traffic retrieval. If you are a small business and looking to grow the foot traffic to your store, replicating the tactic that the Bakersfield Jamba Juice implemented. 


How Jamba Juice Used SMS Text Messaging

Due to Jamba Juice’s high social appeal, social media marketing was at tactic they chose to employ. Social media marketing channels both enhance and retain customers, growing the relationships with customers. Jamba Juice combined their use of social media with SMS text marketing to greater leverage. Local customers, were Jamba Juice of Bakersfield’s primary targets. Knowing their target and having an idea of what marketing methods may work to reach that target they constructed an integrated campaign using those mediums.


The 3 Step Campaign

Jamba Juice, focusing on interactive relationships as an end-game goal, used a three prong approach to execute the campaign to delight mobile users and please customers with social media updates and daily deals, including: Free smoothies Discounts On-location benefits


Step #1: In-Store

Large signs were installed at participating Jamba Juice locations. Then, the following mobile options were communicated on those signs: Texting ‘Jamba’ to 99000 would create an auto-response text. The auto-response text instantly delivered an on-date discount. Customers opting in to the mobile deal program subscribed to Jamba Juice’s collective marketing list. After the initial subscribers were contacted with discounts and mobile coupons weekly.


Step #2: Mobile Phone Display Advertising Combined with Social Media Profiles

Keyword-based mobile advertisements were then implemented. Creating an impactful database requires contact information collection, so Jamba Juice of Bakersfield created large keyword prompts near participating brick-and-mortar locations. Each advertisement contained a large smoothie graphic and the following message: “Text the word Jamba to 99000 and get a buy one get one free (16oz) smoothie deal!” The promotion also exited on both the Twitter and Marketplace Facebook Fan Page social media accounts. Awareness was increased, granting viewers the ability to view, share and promote the content.


Step #3: SMS Text Messaging Offers To Customers

Direct communication lines are created, established and maintained through engaging offers. Consumers love value. Jamba juice of Bakersfield created high-discount offers, sending them to opt-in mobile database customers for upcoming seasons. Each promotional text offered either a buy-one-get-one deal or 20 percent reduced prices.


Clear, concise benefits to the customer and a strong promotional offer distribution strategy enableded Jamba Juice of Bakersfield to achieve tremendous success from this tactic.


Special Thanks To The Author Of This Post

Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generated sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS and marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Trumpia is offering a free Mobile Marketing Success Kit so don’t forget to grab your free copy.

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