Outsource Advertising Sales

For a small business there can be many advantages of outsourcing their marketing and sales. Here is a list of just a few that I have seen my customers be able to benefit from by outsourcing their marketing and sales.


1. Time & Focus

By having someone else do these tasks for you it will free up your time and focus to spend your time on the other tasks that you and your company are best at, creating a better return on time and resources spent.


2. Expertise/Experience

Having someone work for you who has experience and specializes in something can be a big advantage, which is especially true when it comes to advertising and sales. By outsourcing to a company that provides these services to multiple other clients they will have experience and learning from other projects, industries and customers that they can apply you your business, that you would otherwise not be able to access. Becoming successful at sales and marketing requires a lot of testing and refining. Having a company who executes a significantly higher amount of projects then your company would means their learning and rate of learning should be significantly higher as well. The key is finding a supplier who focuses on and tracks ROI. Many marketing and sales suppliers don't, which means they never learn how to increase ROI for your business.


3. An additional Outside Perspective

It is sometimes good to get an outside perspective on your business to avoid group think. Sometimes someone from a different perspective, with a different background and strengths can spot an idea that could significantly improve your business. By outsourcing you create another opportunity to get an outside perspective. Sometimes you can even get a good insight not even related to the outsources expertise. Sometimes simply having someone else involved in your business can open doors to new ideas that are totally unrelated to the project of the outsource supplier is working on for you.


4. Low Risk

By outsourcing this frees your company from having to hire employees for that particular function. This reduces risk as there are a lot of costs and resources spent to hire an employee in addition to costs and resources to relieve a employee of their duties. By outsourcing you can avoid this risk. With outsourcing you can just end your agreement at any time and avoid any of those costs. (This is a assuming you have a contract that allows you to do that, when creating an arrangement with a supplier I would advise that you include this agreement in your contract)


5. Unforeseen Synergies

There may also be unforeseen synergies between you and other customers of your marketing and sales supplier. This could be anything from information to partnership opportunities to insights. This is an extra bonus that can sometimes but not always come from outsourcing.


6. Easily Scalable

With outsourcing it is often very easy and quick to increase the level of your marketing and sales efforts. This can be done by having your current supplier put more resources behind your account (which they are often pleased to do because it means more business for them). Or the other option is you can bring on a second supplier in increase your efforts. With both options they can be done almost immediately and with no additional fixed costs. If you were not to outsource it could take a significant amount of time to increase your efforts as you will most likely need to hire additional employees. In addition there would most likely be one time up front fixed charges associated with the hiring of employees like jobs posting advertising, training fees, signing bonuses etc.


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If you are considering out sourcing the marketing and/or sales of your business I hope this article has been beneficial. As with any decision there are pros and cons to each option. Outsourcing is no different. In another article maybe I will outline the disadvantages of outsourcing sales and advertising.