How To Design An Email For Higher Newsletter Open Rates - Part 2

Do you think that the color you use for a heading or key phrase within an email can affect newsletter open rates? In this video blog I conduct a second test to determine which test color will have the greatest impact on newsletter open rates and read multiple rates. The highlighted text was placed at the top of the newsletter on purpose so that it would show up in the preview pane of any of the recipients of the email that us a preview pane feature in their email system.



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Email Newsletter Open Rates From The Test

Pink = 19%

Orange = 12%

Purple = 12%

Blue = 9% (12% from first test)

Green = 9% (from first test)

Red = 8% (from first test)



Email Newsletter Read Multiple Rates (Number Of Reads Per Open)

Blue = 3.4 (1.5 from first test)

Pink = 2.0

Orange = 1.9

Purple = 1.8

Green = 1.7 (from first test)

Red = 1.6 (from first test)



Reads Per 100 Emails Sent

Pink = 38

Blue = 31 (18 from first test)

Orange = 23

Purple = 21

Green = 16 (from first test)

Red = 15 (from first test)



The champion of this epic marketing battle duel...............Pink!


It looks like if you want to highlight any headings or key words in a newsletter at the top of and email newsletter that pink and blue are the best color options. In the future I am going to continue to test this theory on other mailing list I have go see if it holds true. I am also going to test different shades of color to see if I get better or worse results. Pink does appear though to be significantly better then any other color. The only color that performs even close is blue. Using pink resulted in a 137.5% to 58% higher open rate then the other colors. As a result of a higher open multiple using pink text will also result in 153% to 22.5% more reads per 100 emails sent. Again this was only one test but most of my tests that I have completed multiple times result in the same conclusions, even if I use a different method to test the theory. Actually to date I have not yet had a single set of contradicting tests. I am sure that will happen at some-point though so I will continue to double/triple test.


If you use pink colored text for the main title or key point within your marketing email you will receive more reads per 100 emails sent. More reads equals more customers, which is what we are really after.


If you are a business that does not use email marketing I would highly recommend you take advantage of this tool. It can be a great marketing tool and is often referred to as the top return on investment marketing initiative for businesses. If you don't know where to start sign up for Aweber or Constant Contact. Both systems are low cost, easy to learn and very effective to use. I think Aweber still has their offer on right now where you can sign up for just $1 for your first month as a trial. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee which is nice if you find out you don't like the service. For websites built on Joomla the email marketing program Acymailing is also a great option.


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I hope this article on how to design an email for higher newsletter open rates is information you will be able to incorporate into your email marketing campaigns and that it will result in higher open rates, sales and profits for your business.