Best Day To Send Marketing Emails

So I have been tracking all of my email marketing campaigns I have been doing for my customers to see what day of the week is the best day to send marketing emails. Below are the statistics I have compiled so far. For a more thorough guide on all things email marketing related check out our FREE Email Marketing Guide.


Here is what some other reports say.

Below are my results which are quite different

Open Rate (The number of emails opened divided by the total number of emails sent)

Monday = 10%

Tuesday = 19%

Wednesday = 17%

Thursday = 12%

Friday = 25%

Conclusion: So despite what many other email marketing reports state, Friday has actually been the best day for open rates for my campaigns


Open Multiple (The average number of times that people who opened the email looked at the email)


Monday = 3.82 times

Tuesday = 1.89 times

Wednesday = 2.26 times

Thursday = 2.49 times

Friday = 3.49 times


Conclusion: Although Monday was the worst day for open rates it had the best open multiple. This may mean people are less likely to take time first thing in the week to read email, but if they do read your email they will read it more often because they are more focused. Friday was a very close second though.


Grand Conclusion - based on my results so far Friday seems to be the best day of the week to send marketing emails given it has the highest open rate and is a close second for open multiples.

Note: Keep in mind this data is based on a small sample. My marketing emails range from 35 contacts to about 500 and the above data includes a total of roughly 3,200 emails sent.

If you are not currently using an email service that provides you with open rate and click through information I would highly recommend you look at getting a service with these features. There are many low cost solutions online like Constant Contact and Aweber which are very easy to use and include many valuable additional features like templates, automation and subscription features. I think Aweber may even have a special offer on right now where you can try their service for 1 months for only $1. By far the best program is Acymailing, but it is only available for websites built on Joomla.


I hope this information is useful for you in your small business email marketing efforts. In my email marketing efforts I am going to continue to test new things and track them to see if these results will change. Check back another time to see the results or subscribe to this blog to make sure you don't miss out. To subscribe just click on the "subscribe to this blog" button on the top right of this page.