Top Youtube Viral Advertisements

Here is a list of the seven 2010 top youtube viral advertisements with statistics for the end of 2010.


Top Youtube Viral Advertisements of 2010

1. Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (26.6 million views, 396K shares)

2. DC Shoes - Part 2: The Ultimate Playground (22.8 million views, 562K shares)

3. Toyota - Swagger Wagon (7.8 million views, 442K shares)

4. Geico - Piggy (6.6 million views, 304K shares)

5. Sesame Street - Smell Like A Monster (6.2 million views, 252K shares)

6. Google - Google Chrome Speed Tests (4.2 million views, 53K shares)

7. Twitter - Discover What's New In Your World (2.9 million views, 15K shares)

To watch all of these videos go to the below article from

Top Youtube Viral Advertisements of 2010.

My two favorites are the Old Spice and the Toyota viral videos.


Keys To Success For Viral Youtube Advertising

So what can small businesses learn from big corporations about viral videos on Youtube?

1. Viral videos on youtube can be a very effective, low cost advertising method to reach a ton of people

2. Shares and views have a strong correlation in creating a viral video. The more shares you can get the better chance your video is going to take off (not rocket science)

3. By far the strongest tool to use to generate shares is facebook. If you are creating a viral video be sure to post it on your facebook and encourage people to share it.

4. The second strongest tool is Twitter. If a small business is creating a viral video they should use this tool as well if they already have an account.

5. A successful viral video can be created by creating a spoof of another viral video (Sesame Street video is a perfect example)

6. Videos that go viral usually do so because they are funny, or they have some sort of a spectacle that make you go "wow is that possible" or "wow that is cool" as you watch them


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