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If you are looking for an excellent government funding specialist to assist you with finding programs you qualify for and helping you file the applications The Defacto Group is a great choice. Their success rate of getting tax credits or government grants for their clients is 100%. Of all of the applications they have submitted for their clients they have never not been able to get them some kind of benefit in the form of a tax credit, grant or loan. They are experts in keeping up to date on all government programs available for businesses. This means they can find you programs as they are released to ensure you have a chance to qualify before the program resources are exhausted.

How to know if The Defacto Group is right for you

- do you wish you could obtain additional tax credits, grants or funding for your business

- do appreciate good customer service

- do value your time

- do want to improve the profitability or grow your business


Benefits of working with The Defacto Group

- great customer service (their customers on average score them 10 out of 10 on overall satisfaction)

- fast turn around time (claims are completed within 4-6 weeks)

- minimal time requirement on your part (The Defacto Group looks after more steps of the application process than many or its competitors)

- security of knowing the proper due diligence and documentation was completed (The Defacto Group has filed over 1,000 applications, all of which have obtained some level of tax credits or grants for their clients)

- performance guarantee (you are only required to pay them if they are successful)


What The Defacto Group can all provide

- SR&ED Application Services

- Export Market Access Application Services

- Advice on what other federal, provincial and municipal programs your company would qualify for

- Government program application services


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