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I love football. When I first started learning about football about 10 years ago I was, and still am fascinated by the best coaches in the history of the game. This drove me to research what the best of the best coaches did. Just this morning I actually watched a clip of one of the best coaches ever in super bowl X. When I conducted me research of what made the very best football coaches the best, I found it was something VERY different from what I thought. It was something not every coach did. I guess that is what made them the best. The same holds true when I researched what top sales performers do. It is something I did not expect. Read this article to learn exactly what it is.

10 Things Top Sales Performers Do

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The Executive Summary

- the average ROI for hiring a sales manager or business development manager is not very well documented but our assumption is that it is in the -10% to 50% range in the first year and after 3 years to be in the 50% to 350% range.

- the top 5 things that top sales performers do is educate buyers with new ideas and perspectives, collaborate with the buyer, persuade the buyer that they can achieve the promised results, they listen to the buyer and understand the buyers needs

- the most important thing you do in a sales call is not telling your prospect about the details of your product/service


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The Top 10 Things Top Sales Performers Do (From The Perspective Of The Buyer)

Top 10 Things Sales Performers Do


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What Winning Sales Performers Do

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