Direct Mail Design

Direct mail is one of the most successful forms of marketing and lead generation for B2B businesses. To have a successful direct mail campaign you need to have two key ingredients.....a great list and a great design. In this video blog I will explain how to make sure your great idea for a direct mail campaign is communicated effectively in the design.


To read more about direct mail design check out this article on 99 Tips For Direct Mail Marketing. It is not anything earth shattering but it will get you thinking and may lead to some ideas for how you could improve your direct mail campaigns. The Canadian Marketing Association's article on Direct Mail Marketing FAQs is also a good resource. It also outlines average response rates which is useful when trying to calculate if a program has potential to be profitable or not. They claim that the average rate is 1-3% this does not give an indication of how targeted of a list this relates to.

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I hope you have found this blog on direct mail design relevant and useful. If you are looking to have a direct mail campaign designed or printed contact us and we might be able to help.


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