What is SEO?

In this video blog I explain what SEO is and how it can help small businesses generate new customers. So watch the video below if you don't know what SEO is or you think you know what it is but are not sure.

To read the formal definition check out at Wikipedia

You will notice that SEO does not refer to paid advertisements on google or other serach engines. Thinking SEO includes google advertising is a common mistake. If anyone starts talknig about google adwords or pay per click when talking about SEO this is a tell tail sign they are not very knowledgeable about SEO.

As described in the video SEO can be used as a powerful tool to increase your website traffic significantly which can also increase the number of contacts and customers that come directly from your website. In my mind SEO should be a part of every small businesses marketing strategy. The tricky part is learning how to do SEO effectively or finding someone that is good at it and can generate more revenue and corresponding profit then its cost.

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