• Marketing ROI by Marketing Method & Cost Per Impression

    Marketing ROI by Marketing Method & Cost Per Impression

    In this podcast I discuss the ROI we have seen over the past four years by marketing method for our own business and our clients. If after you listen to this information you want to have a discussion, we would be happy to talk, just send us an email or give us a call. In this podcast I review and explain the results, I list the 5 best marketing methods for ROI and also highlight the worst 5 marketing methods that you will want to avoid.

    Return On Investment By Marketing Method


  • Picking A Marketing Company - Five “60 Second or Less” Tips That Will Find You The Best

    Picking A Marketing Company - Five “60 Second or Less” Tips That Will Find You The Best

    In this blog article and podcast, we're going to give you our 5 "60 second or less" tips: looking for a proven track record of success, considering the agency's specialties and focus, confirming that they offer reporting, checking that they stay up to date, and getting examples of their work. These 5 tips will help you to find the best marketing company for you and we go into more detail for each. We understand that choosing the right marketing company to work with can be stressful, so these tips should help to make the process a little easier. Profitworks Inc. is an expert in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing, which is one of the highest average ROI marketing mediums available to businesses. If you're looking to make a marketing plan for the first time, check out our FREE marketing template. Click here to check it out now!

    Picking a marketing company


  • ROI Calculation of Website Videos

    ROI Calculation of Website Videos

    In this blog article and podcast, we are going to discuss the ROI that can be gained from website videos and use several hypothetical examples to explore the topic. The article will go through how to measure success, ROI calculation, what your video should have, why videos are important, examples of bankable videos, and lastly a conclusion about different video types.

    web video return on investment


  • ROI Of Organic SEO Traffic +275% vs Social Media Traffic -90%

    ROI Of Organic SEO Traffic +275% vs Social Media Traffic -90%

    In this podcast we compare the return on investment of organic traffic (which is generated by search engine optimization) and social media traffic (which is generated by social media activities or social media advertising). From our research one appears to have a great return on investment for businesses and the other is terrible. This is extremely surprising given both seem to be all the hype in the last few years in the small business community, on blogs and from marketing speakers. A large portion of businesses are being misguided, wasting a lot of money, time, and energy that is not benefiting their business.

    If you would like an audit of your search engine optimization and social media activities, contact us to book an appointment to discuss. If you are not familiar with any of the terms referenced in this article, scroll down to the bottom of the article where you can find detailed descriptions explaining each term. 

    organic traffic vs social media traffic


  • ROI of SEO vs PPC (Pay Per Click Search Advertising) - The Compounding Power of Search Engine Optimization Explained

    ROI of SEO vs PPC (Pay Per Click Search Advertising) - The Compounding Power of Search Engine Optimization Explained

    In this blog article and podcast, we are going to talk about the ROI of search engine optimization (known as SEO) versus the ROI of pay per click advertising (known as PPC). The goal of this blog article and podcast is to clearly show which has the better return on investment, and explain the compounding power of search engine optimization in a simple, easy to understand explanation.

    ROI of SEO vs PPC


  • SEO vs. PPC - How Search Result Clicks Are Distributed - Chapter 2

    How Search Results Clicks are Distributed - SEO vs PPC - Chapter 2

    About 94% of the first page results clicks are for SEO versus 6% PPC while users have a bias for only reading less information across the screen as they move down the search listings based on the F pattern eye-scanning behaviour of Google users. This article provides a deep dive into available data on search distribution. Readers will understand how clicks are distributed when it comes to search results layout, search rankings, and also distribution for local SEO. This article is paired with a companion podcast in which we discuss the differences in click distributions between SEO (Organic or Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click Ads).  Be the leader in your market by improving your marketing and website performance, purchase profitability today.


    seo vs ppc click distribution 


  • The Beginner's Guide To Email Marketing

    The Beginners Guide To Email Marketing

    Every business should use email marketing because it has a high return on investment, it is easy to do, it is low cost and it creates high quality leads. Imagine you're a small business that's looking to create more sales through a form of digital marketing. On one hand, your could invest your time and money into social media marketing which could result in a return of $12 for every $1 spent, or you could invest your time and money into email marketing which averages around a $40 return for every $1 spent. Now, where would you prefer to spend your time and money? In this blog article and podcast, we're going to walk you through what email marketing is, why you should be investing in it, how it works, and we'll provide you with a ton of tips to help you get started!

    Profitworks provides SEO services and Email Marketing services. If you're looking to make a marketing plan for the first time, check out our FREE marketing template. Click here to check it out now!

    The Beginners Guide


  • The Difference Between Organic vs Paid Search

    The Difference Between Organic vs Paid Search

    In this podcast we discuss the difference between organic and paid search. In the podcast, we start by explaining what organic search and paid search are in simple easy to understand terms and how each are utilized by businesses to marketing their products and services. The podcast concludes with which of organic search or paid search delivers a better return on your marketing spend dollar. If after listening to the podcast and reading this article you determine that your business needs help understanding online marketing feel free to send us and email to discuss further if our services would be a good fit for your business or not.



  • The Importance of Links to your Website's Google ranking and SEO

    The Importance of Links to your Website's Google Ranking and SEO 

    In this article we talk about the reasons page linking is important to increasing Google search result ranking, some trends in how page linking is influencing search results, and tips on how to effectively use linking to propel your page into top ranking gear. Linking is just one of the many approaches we use to help our clients grow their businesses.  See here to contact us or to get a free review of your site. Profitworks Small Business Services provides website search engine optimization and website conversion optimization services to win more customers for our customers. Listen to the podcast for this article here.

    google ranking importance of links


  • The Smart Passive Income Blog By Pat Flynn - Website Marketing ROI Case Study

    The Smart Passive Income Blog By Pat Flynn - Website Marketing ROI Case Study

    Websites can drive significant ROI for a business. Especially blogging and having a podcast if they offer high value content that your target market is desiring. A prefect example of this in action is The Smart Passive Income Blog & Podcast by Pat Flynn. Pat Flynn is an online marketing genius and many of the things I have learned about website marketing has come from him. In this blog article we take a look at the ROI he has been able to generate blogging and recording Podcasts.

    ROI Case Study

  • Things You Can Do Today To Get More Sales From Your Website

    Things You Can Do Today To Get More Sales From Your Website

    This podcast and video are of a seminar we held recently titled, "Thing You Can Do Today To Get More Sales From Your Website." The goal of the seminar was to provide business owners and marketing managers items they can implement on their website on their own with minimal time to increase the sales they get from their websites. In the seminar, we did review a few websites of the attendees' but we have removed this section to not leak any confidential competitive information of the attendees. If you would like a digital copy of the presentation slides or you would like a free review of your website to see what could be done to increase the sales from your website just contact us

    get more sales from website 


  • Why Email Marketing Services Have Such A Good Return On Investment

    Why Email Marketing Services Have Such A Good Return On Investment 

    In this blog article and podcast, we are going to talk about why email marketing services have such a good return on investment. We'll discuss the philosophy behind why email marketing continues to generate a good return on investment and give you some tips on how you can optimize your email marketing to generate even more revenue. Profitworks Inc. is an expert in the field of Email Marketing, which is one of the highest average ROI marketing mediums available to businesses. Contact them now to learn more!

    Email marketing services 2


  • Why SEO Services Are Needed Monthly To Become The Leader In Your Market

    SEO is now a part of every major corporation and organization across North America, yet the businesses that need it the most are missing out. We look at the market leader in sports apparel and footwear - Nike - to learn what are some key ways they are using SEO to out-compete their marketing competitors. Ready to take the lead in your industry's marketing strategy? Contact us today for a free consultation on how to become the market leader.

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    Executive Summary

    • Search Engine Optimization services are required for market leadership because that's where customers are going to engage with brands and find information on their next purchase
    • Without regular monitoring of SEO metrics, a company can miss out on opportunities in emerging consumer trends that could solidify their market leadership
    • Nike demonstrates their market leadership by utilizing an extensive SEO strategy to out-compete other players in their industry
    • Nike is successful because they dedicate full-time resources and teams to SEO and works with a digital SEO Agency
    • SEO is about providing value to prospects and customers alike.  It creates more sustainable value than Paid Advertising in the long run
    • Digital marketing is a necessity as soon as one industry organization employs it.  As a result, very few industries are without SEO influence

    Sales & Marketing ROI Podcast: Episode #56

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    Sunset of Retail Stores and why SEO Takes Spotlight

    Major retailers are closing over 3,000 stores this year because traditional retail has been replaced by online product research and shopping. These retailers like Sears, JC Penny, and Macy's are forming an extensive line up to exit the traditional brick and mortar scene. Not only are department stores looking to scale back their retail operations, brands like Crocs, Guess, and American Apparel are also on the roster. This is because people are no longer going to malls to check out merchandise and learn more about what businesses are offering. Before a customer walks into a store they already have an idea of what they are looking for and have seen dozens of reviews about the product. The pathways that people traditionally took to form their purchasing decisions have changed and many businesses have caught on to this. Customers are now more than ever utilizing search engines like Google to find out what peoples' dining experiences were like before going to eat out or scouring lengthy reviews to find out if they should pay for the newest personal gadgets. Because of this search engine optimization has been helping companies and not-for-profits connect with audiences in a new and dynamic way.

    If we think of malls and their walkways leading to retail stores, the digital realm has created paths in which people are looking to find out about product information and service reviews. These pathways have changed from tiles to keywords, their destinations are pieces of content on the web that can inform, engage, and convince people to purchase or make a decision. In the world of digital marketing, there are two major branches  - Organic and Pay Per Click. If you are wondering if SEO really delivers value to customers but also to your business, look no further.

    Why SEO services are Needed Monthy and the Key to Serving Customers Better in the Digital Era

    If retail stores knew how often and who looked at certain products each day, nobody would argue the value of this information. For most businesses, the most reliable piece of information for customer data is the number of sales made. The customer is telling businesses what products are important to them and which ones they don't prefer. Organizations will then adjust their inventory, product placement, and staffing levels accordingly. What SEO provides is the ability to track which products were viewed by customers, how long they looking at them for, and even their anonymized demographic information. Companies have an unprecedented amount of information and insight into what their customers care about and how they are connecting with their business. As a best practice, companies often employ weekly changes to their SEO to respond to the influx of customers and their engagement with the web pages and blogs provided. SEO helps you harness the information customers are passively sharing with you to better serve them in providing clearer information, better content to guide purchasing decisions, and even simply new channels with which to connect. Being a market leader means finding ways to best serve customers and SEO provides exactly that by understanding what is important and how to improve the overall brand experience. Here is a quick example of how SEO can help your business today:


    Market Leader NIKE Harnesses SEO to Just Do It

    why you need regular monthly seo nike 1

    Nike remains the world's most recognized sporting footwear and apparel brand on the market today against competitors like Reebok, Adidas, and Under Armour. Nike is utilizing an extensive SEO strategy to compete with these brands that have the same marketing and technology available to them. Here are the top reasons why Nike is dominating in the SEO game

    1. Nike tailors its SEO work to specific geographies - Nike also employs unique SEO strategies based on countries it is operating in, as the customers in different places have different needs. We found at the time of writing this article that Nike was actively hiring an SEO manager for its European division.
    2. Nike has entire teams working full-time on SEO - sourced from the same job description, Nike clearly sees that regular SEO contribution is important but strategic. It has an entire team of full-time employs dedicated to reaching new prospects online and then turning them into fans and possibly customers.
    3. It offers a tailored experience for multiple devices - the SEO team leverages strategies and data to drive the consumer experience whether they are on laptop, phone, or tablet
    4. They don't go it alone, Nike also works with SEO agency and their teams - Nike not only has an in-house team of SEO managers but also leverages the work of trusted SEO advisors alongside their team of experts.

    Nike's competitor Reebok is still working to lead and ramp up its SEO efforts by bringing on SEO specialists, albeit without mention of interaction with other SEO team members or SEO agencies. What every organization and business can learn about Nike and Reebok is that SEO is a tangible strategy to doing business or advocating for causes in the digital space we work, play, and relate in. Having examined Nike's use of SEO we know that: regular time needs to be spent on SEO, including dedicated resources and teams if possible.

    SEO is Ultimately about Connecting and Providing Value

    At its core SEO is about providing engaging content and connecting with stakeholders or customers. This means that it has sustained, longer-lasting value than commercials, radio ads, or digital advertisements. One of the main aspects of SEO is content marketing which focuses on providing meaningful and informative content to your target audience. The tricky part is to determine who your target audience is and how to provide the best comparative content as Google pits content publishers against one another in their search rankings.

    In the past, there have been those dubbed "Blackhat" SEO practitioners that attempt to game the system and climb to the top of search rankings without providing value. This is increasingly becoming more and more scarce as Google's Rank Brain continues to refine itself along with Google's army of content examiners. In the long run, helping customers and prospects is always the best way to do business.

    The Dynamics of Digital Marketing

    The reality is that as more business discover that consumers are going online there is increasing competition in digital marketing and SEO. One example we can draw on is the advent of the car and delivery businesses. Before cars, businesses would deliver goods like milk, rice, and even natural resources using a horse drawn cart. The first business that introduced the car to their delivery system reaped immense gains and became a market leader in delivery. Similarly, companies that leverage SEO are in a better market leadership position than competitors. The takeaway for businesses is that every one of them needs a digital marketing specialist or team that focuses on SEO. But since everyone has access to an SEO agency does this make it a mute competitive factor? No! SEO is part art and science and requires tremendous discipline and experience to hone. The focus companies should set their eyes on is how to choose the best specialist which we will examine next. For those who need help looking for a marketing company, here is a good place to start.


    Best Practices for Choosing the Right SEO Company

    Here are some best practices in choosing an effective SEO company based on our experience of having worked on a number of client accounts. Companies should be aware and also actively communicate with their SEO agency to ensure these best practices continue to be adhered to as they can change with time.

    1. Ensure the company is reliable and focuses on service - you can hire a good SEO agency but they can provide poor service. Don't settle for one or the other and aim for both. Do this by finding references for both customers they are working with and ones they've left with. If they aren't able to provide these references then that may be a red flag.
    2. Make sure that they aren't working with other industry players in your location - because SEO strategy is created for a company, industry, and location it is important that the agency focuses on working for you and avoids being in a compromising situation. It is up to the business to determine how close to home is comfortable.
    3. Confirm that they will be available to learn about your business and customers - sometimes companies focus on sales and profitability to the detriment of customer service. This best practice requires that the company be available to educate the SEO specialist and that your service provider is available to learn about the industry and how customers think and behave.
    4. An agency should offer an option to train and enable you for success - some agencies will retain clients indefinitely but good agencies aren't afraid to work themselves out of a job. If it is ultimately better for your business to be coached into learning SEO, they should be comfortable with that.
    5. Insist on having end-to-end traffic-to-sales tracking - some companies will miss out on the fact that this information is available. Knowing about sales leads and closed sales will help you as a business determine the return on investment of SEO. Many of clients can expect a 50%-2000% return. That's not an extra zero, it is real ROI.



    Profitworks Only

    Become The Leader In Your Market

    We help you become the leader in your market by connecting the best digital strategy with purpose and vision to better the communities in which your customers live. We have been serving clients across North America who want to intentionally connect with consumers and other businesses. We help you become the market leader by sharing what you do with the people who need it the most.

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