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Telephone marketing is a profitable marketing method for business to business companies that usually returns a 3 year ROI of 150% to 2,000%. This article is a guest post from Alina Balzer-Peters who is a veteran at business to business telemarketing. In this article she outlines 3 of the most important things to be successful at telemarketing is using a script, making good notes and listening to the client/prospect.


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Executive Summary:

B2B Telemarketing usually returns a 150% to 2,000% 3 year ROI

There are 3 key things to be successful at business telemarketing

1. Use A Script

2. Make Good Notes

3. Listen To The Client/Prospect

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When I first began working in the cold calling business I was unsure of what to do and how to get business over the phone. What I’ve learned since is the use of three simple habits I found helpful for successful calling were the use of a script, good note taking, and listening to the client.


Use A Script:

The first thing that made the work easier was the use of a script. Having a very detailed and outlined calling script makes calling a new client easier and efficient. Scripts made a call easier to approach because you didn’t need to think on the spot and so are better able to listen to the client and gain the necessary information needed. Scripts help keep the flow of the call going and give a great outline as to how the conversation should proceed without jumping around with questions and allowing appropriate time for the client to talk. A professional manner is also gained with the use of a good script when you keep the language clear and straightforward. I was also happy to use scripts because they helped me keep track of important information, for example when I was asked specific questions about products or contact information having a script with the necessary details enabled me to respond quickly and professionally.


Make Good Notes:

In my time calling I learned the necessity of making good notes while I called. Notes can be things you write into your script, on a paper that tracks calling, or using mental notes. Things I would write into the script would be new wording for questions and ways to approach a new client. I would try different introductions and see which things had the best response and keep those in my script. Keeping detailed notes while I called in a notebook was one of my most useful strategies for effective calling. I found it best to be able to write down things during the call because it helped me ask good questions during a call while I wrote down the information the client was giving me. By writing notes I was also able to assess any themes that would come up during a calling segment. I would be able to see a broader picture that told me if my approach was working, if this segment was responsive, or even what times were better to call a certain group. Having written notes made it easier to relay my work progress to my supervisor as well because I would have the broad themes written in front of me as well as specific information from different clients.


Listen To The Client/Prospect:

Listening to the client seems like an obvious note, but I think it is a skill that can be practiced. Listening to the client means hearing their needs, which is assisted by good question asking. Letting the client describe their specific situation and needs can be assisted with good lead questions that frame the situation as something that allows them to describe their needs. Listening is the foundation of a good script and good note taking. By effectively listening to clients for a specific segment I was able to pull out themes that I thought would make my subsequent calls better or my second approach of a segment easier. Listening to the client also makes them feel valued and better able to communicate their needs to you. When a client responds well to your questions because they fit what they are saying you know you are listening well and are more likely to have a good relationship with that client. For more on how to be a good listener read the article "SPIN Selling Summary"


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