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What is the one thing Uber, Taco Bell, and Amex have in common? They are online marketing leaders in their industry. Having an online presence may very well be the only way companies stay relevant and competitive as consumers increasingly transition from a physical shopping experience to one that is digital or mobile enabled. Organizations looking to have market leadership online will need to be innovative, content curators, connected to the conversation, and obsessed with customer experience. Become the market leader in your industry today, reach new clients on new domains by creating a digital marketing strategy.

Ready to Become the Market Leader?

Becoming a market leader means getting comfortable with the digital platforms customers that can better serve and retain great customers. A baby step would be exploring new or unfamiliar platforms like WeChat, MMORPGs, and like some who have done so before: create their own digital platform. Ready to Become the Leader in Your Market? Have your team or an expert give you a 1-page report on the opportunities and challenges of a social platform you haven't used before.


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Executive Summary

Organizations looking to have market leadership online will need to be innovative, content curators, connected to the conversation, and obsessed with customer experience. To move towards market leadership organizations should consider:

  1. Dedicating resources to finding and evaluating channels and platforms consumers are on
  2. Focusing on creating partnerships with content creators or technology companies
  3. Tailoring their tone to become increasingly humanized we companies seek to people within companies rather than corporate
  4. Developing a digital strategy to continue to flourish and grow
  5. Online market leaders are typical to dominate in the platforms of search, social media, and digital advertising.

An Online Leader Focuses on Innovation, Customer Service, and Content

A marketing leader is able to help a brand transcend time and culture, enabling people from a wide range of demographics to relish a company's product or service. Leading your industry in marketing often boils down to these qualities:

Without all of these factors an organization will suffer the following maladies:

Become a Leader by Finding New Channels, Partnerships, Message Tone, and a Digital Strategy

Getting your company to marketing leadership requires honesty, empathy, and creativity. Getting to marketing leadership in your industry can be helped significantly by incorporating the following principles, enabling an organization to address industry concerns, meeting customer needs, and providing a fresh new message.

  1. Dedicate Resources to Finding New Channels: Digital communities are popping up regularly and without a regular exploratory team to identify and qualify these opportunities, companies continue to miss out on new customers entering the market. This means possible new arenas, like MMORPGs and distributed social networks like Wechat.
  2. Create Partnerships with Content Creators and Digital Technologies: Celebrity endorsement is giving way to online digital personalities who have regular and extensive followings. This allows a company to actually reach across geographies by working with Youtube Vloggers, for example, or product sponsorships like Netflix. As consumers increasingly rely on digital platforms to make choices and purchases, organizations must consider how to enter emerging marketplaces.
  3. Corporations Learn to Speak Human: Corporations usually tone their content with professional jargon and a very rigid tone of professionalism. Yet what makes Ted Talks great is the amount of emotion and humanity they leverage. Another way to visualize this is that B2B marketing is ultimately about people talking to people
  4. Create Digital Strategy: Identify where your big bets are going to be, including SEO, Social Media, emerging platforms, and custom apps. Consider how the execution can be handled internally or by a marketing service company.

Platforms to be a Market Leader Online: Search, Social Media, and Digital Advertising

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The marketing leader has a number of arenas in which to compete with other competitors. Here are the top 3 avenues in which companies compete with to connect with people who may be interested in their business:

Lead in Online Search by Giving People the Best Content

Getting your team to the top of its online search game is part art and science. It requires understanding to the issues facing people who are looking to make good decisions along with having the right facts to guide them. Here are strategies to being an online search leader:

AMEX not only provides stellar content for people looking to learn more about financial management but also helps hosts conversations with industry professionals who are the segment of people they serve.

Online Leader in Financial Services by Hosting Online and Social Media Conversations

American Express (AMEX) put its money where its mouth was, investing in an online community called Open Forum for business professionals, positioning itself as the service provider of choice to a network of companies rather than just one. AMEX is one of the most recognized brands in corporate credit cards, spreading its product worldwide with over 50,000 employees based on recent estimates by the AIA Guide to New York City. Open Forum is now a high-quality point of content that not only brings in potential clients, and AMEX doesn't event have to spend money getting people to write for their forum. AMEX is the financial services leader in online presence by not only joining the online conversation but also providing a permanent meeting place for it. Open Forum provides insights, inspiration, and connections to grow a business.

amex online market leader website example



Source: Amex Open Forum

Here is how AMEX become a Digital Leader in Financial Services over many years:


Leader in Digital Advertising by Telling Great Stories

Digital advertising is sometimes seen as the scourge of the internet but ads done well are welcomed and can inspire and amuse those who weren't looking for a distraction but are glad they found one. Digital advertising in itself has become entertainment rather than simply highly edited video shorts or banners that trumpet the excellence of a product or service. Here are some ways to excel in digital advertising

 This next real world example pits the big bad plight of city traffic congestion against the startup darling from silicone valley.

Online Leader in the Transportation Industry by Focusing on Customer and Employee Experience

Uber is one of the catalysts of the gig economy, allowing freelance drivers to start a business ferrying customers from A to B. Uber's digital strategy is at the core of its business with its trademark mobile app. This was a departure from the typical public and taxi industry and created a new industry standard as customers can rate their drivers. Uber is now a global force and leading the way into a network of self-driving autonomous cars. Its vision is the safe and efficient transport of individuals on a massive scale as quoted in the video above. UBER also stands out in the search platform because it has essentially created a hub for city travel by car.

Uber's Online Leadership

 Despite the myriad of stories being released about the issues at UBER being human means making mistakes and learning from them. What will help UBER continue to be a leader in this arena is not what has happened but what they will do now recognizing the issues within their culture.


Lead on Social Media by Treating Others and Being Human

Social media is where people are spending their time receiving referrals or accolades of great customer service. Yet curating content and reaching your audience on this platform requires a different approach to the other platforms.

Taco Bell takes its goods to the people along with ditching the corporate stiffed neck tone to embrace its place as a friendly food vendor.

Online Leader in Food Service Industry: Going Where the People Are in a New Way

taco bell market leader

Taco Bell is a well-known brand serving tex-mex food and its patron mascot is a talking Chihuahua dog that has graced TV and internet company promotions. Taco Bell
has won awards for its social media and mobile campaigns. Its earnings top just shy of $2B while also employing over 175,000 employees. Yet this company doesn't let its size or scale hold it back in being the leader in the digital landscape. Taco Bell has been able to win over its key demographic by using social media to help engage and create a brand that exudes experience.

Here is how Taco Bell became the digital leader as mentioned in Policy.Mic:


Market Leaders Empowered by Digital Agencies

One of the common threads between many of the market leaders we've featured in this article is that they each employ the work and talents of a digital agency. Some have multiple agencies helping improve branding and digital presence. Market leaders know that there is always room for more creativity. This is because marketing leaders know that no one has a monopoly on creativity and empathy, there's plenty to go around. 

We are a team of marketing specialists consisting of a Marketing Strategist, Traffic & Web Technology Expert, Conversion Expert, Writer, Editor, and Graphic Designer. Beyond our service we help companies tell their brand story so that it resonates with consumers and employees, leading to market leadership.  Partner with us today to turn digital strategy into real results, great partnerships create market leadership: contact us for a free strategy session.


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