Marketing Plan Training Program - Learn How To Create Your Own Effective Marketing Plan

Learn how to create your own marketing plan for your business with this comprehensive training course. Contact us now by email to place your order for the program.


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What Is Included In The Full Program

- 6 instructional videos

- our revenue engine assessment worksheet

- our worksheet for setting effective promotional marketing strategies

- our measured marketing method step by step promotional planning tool

- blue ocean strategy product worksheet

- price optimizer worksheet

- distribution expansion worksheet

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Qualifications Of The instructor

With over 10 years of marketing plan experience and a formal education specializing in marketing from Wilfrid Laurier University (a leading Canadian Business University).


Industry Knowledge

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Proof Of Technical Skill

Refer to our blog to see an example of our technical skill and approach. Some relevant articles to read might be

Marketing Methods With The Best Return On Investment

Are Google Adwords Effective

Learn How To Do Direct Mail That Generates A Positive ROI


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