Waterloo Office Coffee

....how working in this market changed my perspective.

Currently one of my customers is an office coffee service provider in Waterloo. From working on their business I have learned some interesting statistics on the affects of office coffee on employees.

The benefits of having coffee in the office are



Improved Productivity

- in a survey 76% of employees stated that access to tea and/or coffee makes them more productive

- 63% of employees polled stated that having hot beverages on site allowed them to grab a hot drink and get back to work, without having to leave the building

Increased Employee Satisfaction

- 79% of employees polled said that they felt valued by their employer when hot beverages were provided at no cost

(source: 2004 Harris Poll)


I was surprised by the above statistics as I was not sure if I thought coffee would increase or decrease employee productivity.

Given many service providers can offer coffee that is significantly cheaper then buying it yourself it often makes sense so sign up for a service. By enlisting with a service provider you get all the additional benefits of having a service provider while spending less money and time on your office coffee. These benefits can include less accounting work (one bill for all supplies instead of multiple bills), equipment reliability (often service providers will drop off a new machine the same day your existing one breaks down) and management hours (many providers offer a full service solution were they look after all of the ordering and restocking so none of your employees have to).

I did not think office coffee could have much of an impact on things like costs, productivity or employee satisfaction, but as I have been working in the office coffee world I have found that is not true at all.

If you are in the market for an office coffee service provider in Waterloo give me a call at (519) 880-8675 or email me at ckeller@profitworks.ca

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