On November 12th this year there will be a special event happening all over the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo. November 12th is Random Act of Kindness Day. On this day businesses and residents are encouraged to perform random acts of kindness. This initiative is to encourage the 'pay it forward' philosophy within the community.


If you are interested in getting involved, here are some examples how of how to get involved.


Pay it forward to your employees

- treat everyone to coffee and donuts in the morning

- allow your staff to leave an hour early on November 12th

Pay it forward to co-workers

- bake something and bring it into the office to share with co-workers

- make a point of helping a co-worker with a task you can assist them with

Pay if forward to someone you don't even know

- pay the parking meter for someone else

- pay for someone else's meal at a restaurant


I hope to perform some acts of random kindness on that day, but my hope is that by posting this blog I can generate an even greater impact by getting other people who read this blog to get involved.


The website for the event is http://www.kwcf.ca/buildingle/randomacto

If you are interested in learning more contact Tracy Van Kalsbeek at (519) 725-1806 tracy@kwcf.ca

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